Fisher Paykel Dryer- Auto Sensing shuts of dryer, clothes not dry

f781700March 20, 2012

We have a fisher paykel dryer with autosensing. We just replaced the heat element and the power cord (it had melted). The heat is now working. While we were trying to diagnos the heat issue we were messing with the autosensing metal tabs that are located in the lint area.

when we replaced everything the dryer would run and run. It heated but it never shut off. It did not move through the heating process. we had to manually stop the dryer. My husband played with the silver tabs again and now it heats and runs for 10 mintues, quickly goes through the drying clcle and shuts off, but the clothes are damp.

can someone tell me what the silver tabs are supposed to look like in the dryer vent area. Are they supposed to both be showing? hooked up to anything etc? Thanks!!

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Are you referring to a topload SmartLoad or AeroSmart dryer? Which specific model number? There is a diagnostic test to confirm the sensor bars are responding.

Yes, both bars must be exposed through the grill. Tumbling clothes must touch the bars to register moisture. There's a separate (white) wire connected to each bar behind the grill. Damp clothes touching the bars completes a low-voltage electric across them, though the two wires to the control board to register moisture. No moisture registration = dry clothes, machine shuts off.

There also should be a green ground wire clipped to the bottom edge of the machine's FRONT panel,

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I don't know the exact model number but yes it's the top load dryer.

Is there a way you can post what the sensor should look like? I don't see any parts coming out of the grill. Al I see are two metal clips when you remove the grill cover. One of the strips is uncovered and the other strip seems to be clipped into a plastic cap/cover.

We messed with these when we were diagnosing things and I have no idea what they should look like. Again, nothing hanging out of the grill.

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Sensor bars protruding through the grill below the lint bucket.

Bucket and grill removed. A separate white wire is connected to a terminal on each bar. Right-side wire in the picture is on the upper bar, left-side wire on the lower bar.

One bar unclipped from the mounting bracket. One wire connects to one terminal on each bar. Doesn't really matter which terminal on the bars, but opposite ends are normally connected to keep the wires separated behind the grill.

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