Stackable washer/dryer?

schutjerMarch 4, 2010

Anyone have a regular sized stackable washer/dryer? How do you like it. Thinking of going this route after we move. Since we will be moving to a smaller home and want to conserve space.

Best brands?

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Many of the FLs are stackable. Mine are stacked in the kitchen and I love them. I have a small house and don't have the luxury of a real laundry room, but it works out fine. It's easy to stop by the fridge for a beverage while doing the laundry :)

As for the best brands - you will get a wide variety of opinions on this forum. From Miele to Speed Queen everyone has their favorite. You might decide how much you want to spend, what features you want, etc., then see which of the machines that meet these criteria are stackable. Most of the manufacturers have good information on their websites that can be helpful and cut down on the legwork.

Happy shopping.

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We bought from Lowes an Electrolux dishwasher, FL Washer and Gas dryer to stack. When the order was place at the store in person, the correct stack-kit should have been ordered as well. Instead, we were sold and handed a kit which is made for Fridgedare models. Monday to Friday and Lowes still has not correct this problem, leaving the units out in the room. Also, to stack, one door needs to be reversed. From Lowes, we had to wait because only one person at the store knows how. Personally, I would not purchase at Lowes. I was so excited to get my new machines, not now, scratched and soild from the dryer lifted on and off and marble floor scratched from moving them around to wakl through the room. At this point, I'm not dissappointed, I'm angry. I vote NO to Lowes.....LOVE Electrolux, they should be concerned about Lowes knowlege and treatment of their products and loyal fans/buyers!
Oh, one more rant, Wash your hands or wear clean gloves before handling my new machines!

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I have 3 year old laundry center by LG. The dryer has the control panel on the bottom-it is swapable. There is another model,
DLG9588 - dryer, about 1000 dollars still available at this website
But I'm not sure if there is a washer that would match.

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Miele, Bosch, Asko, everything else in that order if you want my opinion on the current best offerings for stacking units.

The Miele will be the best built, most reliable units. They also will cost the most. Bosch has made a good name for themselves MOST of the time. Their higher end AXXIS line seems to have good reviews. ASKO comes in third mainly becuase their build quality while good, is not what it used to be. ASKO may be the ONLY company to still offer boil wash (95c) cycles in their US models. Even Miele has dropped boil wash in the USA. Boil wash is nice because it can whiten whites without bleach.

We currently own Miele (non-stacking units) and Bosch stacking units. We are large family and need two washers and two dryers. The Bosch do a good job and we have had no major problems. The Miele are BETTER built and we love the W4840/T9800 washer/dryer combo, but they were expensive.

Hope that helps.

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We have Kenmore HE3 stacked for 4 years and like it just fine. I think next purchase however will be Bosch if quality is still good.

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Love our Samsung 448's. They are really BIG, stack great, almost no vibration. So far so goo.

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I had the Whirlpool duet for awhile (4 years), until I recently upgraded to a full size LG washer dryer combo. I absolutely love it! Although, I am also in a better place and have more space, including a laundry room. The duet suited my needs quite well while living in a place with limited space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Stackable Washer Dryer

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After 13 years of GREAT service, my Bosch vented dryer no longer works at all on the permanent press cycle and the time cycle is taking an hour or more to dry a load. I live on a boat and need the small unit. My question is does Bosch still off the quality of past or is there a better product available? The washer is still performing well and I am inclined to replace both units. Thoughts are welcome as removing and installing the units is a major project.

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moon1234 which model Bosch do you own - is it one of the latest...I second Susan992's request for more info since I am looking at buying the latest Axxis Bosch (am looking at the most expensive one) and similarly also used to use a Bosch made many moons ago which I liked
I heard from somebody on here that the Bosch is going to discontinue the vented dryer here in the USA which sounds strange to me and hoping somebody else may have more info?

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I'm looking for a stackable W/D set for a new house. Wondering if anyone has opinions on 2014 models. I only do laundry about once a week (if that) and want something energy/water efficient and i'm finding tons of reviews for very large units with a lot of bells and whistles... which i don't need. help!

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Energy efficient means a longer cycle time. You may not be able to do all your laundry on the same day...or you may want to be sure to pick a unit with a "quick" or "speed" wash feature. Be sure to read cycle times before you buy. Before you order you should also look at the installation instructions and make sure you can successfully install it without moving the existing set up. When you decide on the brand and model you may want to repost and see what people's experience is with it. On the smaller units most people on this site like Miele, Bosch and Asko...but you may want to consider the GE compact washer; it has received good reviews.

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I had heard that beginning sometime in 2015 UL will require that vented dryers be able to contain a fire for 7 hours....I think that Bosch is already out of the vented dryer market and now only makes ventless electric dryers....

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BButtons, I have the Speed Queen ATE50 on order and I think I will like it. Those here who have it love it. Check reviews in Amazon and AJM. It is a little pricy but simple and built like a tank. Very small footprint (27" wide and just 28" deep) with large capacity. This is a one piece front loader, and there is nothing else like it in the market. This is not an apartment w/d where the washer is top load then steps back to a small dryer. This is commercial gear in a residential package. New construction would be a great time to acquire one. After the new energy standards go into effect in a few weeks, the unit may change, so I rushed to get mine.

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We purchased an LG washer & dryer. For sure, they are a great way to save space. If you're under 5' 5" you may have trouble reaching the control panel on the dryer. If you purchase the steam option ,the loading tray is up by the controls. If you are building a cabinet for the units leave enough room on the sides for the door hinges because they may impede with opening the detergent and steam trays.

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MizLizzie is on target, SQ has the best stack on the market if you care about build quality and reliability. The pricing isn't out of line considering how much the ridiculous matching dryers cost on other brands. Don't forget to factor in that they need a stacking kit as well and SQ doesn't. SQ will last longer and if I remember correctly it's rated for an even longer lifetime (in cycles) than Miele. Also consider the competition needs the dryer to be unstacked in order to service the washer. That won't fly with the techs who are doing the work and will lead to an expensive service call. SQ is designed to be serviced without unstacking anything. The one cons to SQ is that they don't have a heater and they lack cycles/options/flexibility compared to other brands.

SQ is coming out with a whole new laundry line (front and top load) next year that will comply with the upcoming regulations. However they've made it clear they will not be sacrificing overall performance to do so. The government will be testing these in a new "Normal/Eco" cycle that SQ is coming out with, but there is nothing forcing you to use that cycle at home.

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I know SQ is trying hard to work within the new laws, but I have never yet seen government regs improve anything to do with laundry. The manufacturers are always left holding the bag and trying to spin the explanations. Because they have no choice.

I'm not anti government -- my husband sometimes accuses me of being a liberal -- but what the government has done to laundry is a cryin' shame. My dealer is getting my unit now, and holding it until next year to be safe. And I believe I will store my 18 year old XL capacity still-working Kenmores in the garage. Under tarps. Because you never know, right? The government might try to seize them from me.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

To answer partially the Bosch questions...I have eight-nine year-old Bosch Axxis+ washer with a ventless Axxis dryer. Both have been terrific. I needed a ventless dryer for reasons there is no need to go into here (briefly, a case of "I can fix that"-ha). I was replacing my Asko set which were good, but not as reliable long-term. I love the ventless dryer. It requires cleaning the condenser monthly or so depending on use, but that is easy. I just hold it under the faucet and let the water run through-be sure you have a strainer cover over the drain to keep all the lint from washing into your pipes!

Mine are not stacked, but I wish they were on pedestals.

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>I know SQ is trying hard to work within the new laws, but I have never yet seen government regs improve anything to do with laundry. The manufacturers are always left holding the bag and trying to spin the explanations. Because they have no choice.

The new regulations may very well reduce performance, but as I said the government only tests the "Normal" cycle which Speed Queen will be naming "Normal/Eco". The other cycles will work as they always did.

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