Recommendation for Window AC - yet another unit has failed

pgtrJuly 2, 2012

I bought a 10,000 BTU Amana unit back in the 90s. Worked great for about 12 years in my 400ish SF workshop even in triple digit summers - could cool the room down quickly too (well insulated, only 2 small windows). It finally died and I decided to simply replace it at the time.

Bought a Frigidaire 12,000 BTU which probably has a much higher SEER rating. Brought it home and was surprised how much smaller this unit was physically. Installing it turned out to be a PITA as I had to hoist it up and in from the outside - was NOT a slide-in unit. 2,000 more BTU and it never cooled as effectively, made more noise - didn't move as much air... Died in less than 2 years. Got a new unit under warranty. Again less than 2 years and it has failed. Am waiting to get this one back from the shop (warranty).

At this point I just as soon sell the 'repaired' unit (warranty is approaching the end) and find something that is both more effective and might stand a chance of lasting longer. For that matter maybe one that is generally considered more 'serviceable'.

10,000-15,000 BTU

Slide in chassis


Thermostatic switch (nice to have but required)

SEER rating not important - maybe lower is in fact better

Any suggestions for brands to look at or avoid?


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I would go with friedrich. Far quieter and very efficient and well made. Not that much pricier than the full Chinese junk sold by the other manufacturers. Unfortunately even friedrich has offshored it's manufacturing to Mexico. That's lost American jobs, but it's what you have to support if you want AC.

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