Just got quoted on new system OUCH!!!! Feedback please!!!

cajewelJuly 30, 2011

We are in Northern California (Sacramento) and our air conditioner stopped working on Thursday afternoon. The fan was on in the house, but the condenser outside was not running. HVAC guy says it's better to replace entire unit (including furnace) at this point as the current system is 12 years old and grader build York. We are in a 3200 sq. ft house with 2 stories and dual zone system. Our quote was outrageously higher than we were anticipating, and they want to install Monday morning. I'd love feedback from people with some knowledge of this stuff, as I have none!!!

Our quote includes:

Lennox 5 ton AC XC17-060 SEER 16

Furnace G61MPV-60C111 95% EER 13

AC Coil LH49/62E9

The quote includes Enlarging grill duct, 2 new thermostats, foundation pad, 80%-90% conversion kit, all required permits, removal of existing unit and complete cleanup.

The cost installed started at $14,946 and with some "discounts" and rebates came down to 12,300. Then the guy subtracted electric/gas rebates ($650/$150) and tax credit of $500, bringing the total down to $11,000.

Is this as outrageous as it seems?

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first of all you need to recognize that you live in probably the most expensive state in the continental US, the most heavily taxed and teetering on bankruptcy. I would expect HVAC to be significantly higher.

I assume when you refer to a dual zone system, you are talking about zoning controls for each floor.

What size AC and furnace do you have now?

What is more important-cooling or heating?

I suggest you get a competitive quote on another brand/system for comparison purposes.

I would want a new and correctly sized lineset plus a whole house filter cabinet.

I think I would want another opinion/diagnosis on your AC condenser.

Is that a Lennox coil or a third party coil? I would be opposed to third party coils.


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Thanks, tigerdunes. Don't get me started on California.....
Yes, dual zone meaning controls for each floor.
Our current system is 4 ton AC and 5 ton furnace.
Heating and cooling are BOTH important. Temp can drop to 20's during winter and climb to 112 during summer.
I'm looking at my paperwork and not seeing lineset replacement or anything about a whole house filter cabinet.
The coil looks to be Lennox, as well.

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Just to be clear, you currently have a 4 ton AC condenser? And dealer is proposing a 5 ton AC condenser?

A load calc for both heating and cooling seems indicated.

I would want a new line set and whole house air filter cabinet. And of course a correct new digital thermostat for the new system.

Any specific problems heating and/or cooling your home?

Ductwork system should be thoroughly inspected.


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