Washer Snagging Towels

monicakm_gwMarch 8, 2010

I've had my Cabrio top load washer (with agitator) for almost a year. Several months ago I started noticing that my towels were snagging. Threads as long as 5". I can accumulate a pretty good pile in with an average load. No problems with other materials that I've noticed. Just towels. Towels mostly from Target and Penny's. Anyone else? Anyone know what might be causing it? I wanted to post this question here before I called for service.



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Are there any rough edges on the agatator or drum? I dont think its because the towels come from the stores you mentioned. What do you consider a pretty good pile of towels? If you over load a Top loader with an agatator, then you risky snags because the towels cannot move around freely. MIght try loading the washer with less towels and see if it still happens, as over a period of time, too many towels will break down from being pulled on and the fibers get weak. That is one of the negatives of a agatator washer, they are hard on fabrics....no offense meant by that

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My set of Miele front load machines do the same thing. I wash and dry my towels so I'm not sure if it's the washer or the dryer.

I spent months assuming it was just the zippers/hooks from other laundry that was snagging them until I ran a test load of just towels. Snags throughout the towels. I haven't run another test load to see if the snags were there after just the washer or if they showed up after the dryer.

Either way, I'm hoping to solve the problem by replacing the machines. My machines have been fraught with problems since day 1. I would appreciate a solution if you come across one as my new machines are still a few weeks away.


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A tip I've read in a DIY forum : take a nylon stocking and wipe slowly all the surfaces (tub and agitator or drum).
In case of a sharp edge or of a U.S.O. - unidentified sharp object ;) - the stocking will get caught and won't glide anymore.
If in your household there's someone like me that use pockets as true storages, maybe it's just a tiny staple stuck in a rather hidden place

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Had you had these towels for a long time before you got the new Cabrio? And are you certain they weren't snagging until you got the new washer?

I ask because I've seen some pulled loops on new kitchen towels that I got recently from Target.

I also have Fieldcrest "Charisma" bath towels that are 13 years old that have gotten worn over the years, but none of the loops have ever been pulled or snagged on those.

I had an old Kenmore top loader that I've just replaced.

I don't think it was my machine, I'm pretty sure the snaggy towels just weren't woven as well and had a tendency to unravel with regular use.

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Pardon the silly question, but do you have any cats? My bath towels have snags too, and after watching my cat stretch herself out and use one as a scratching post now I know why! :)

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gates1, I wasn't clear on my statement of " I can accumulate a pretty good pile". I meant a pile of snags/threads. I didn't think I overloaded the washer. I DO fill it up to where the manufacturer says you can. These towels are just over 2 years old to 6 months old. I tried a top loading agitator-free Cabrio and was not impressed. So much so that I exchanged it within 30 days. I've always had an agitator but never had this problem. I do understand that it's popular today to not have an agitator :)
ghetterly, the reason I know it's the washer is because I have the same dryer I've had for about 5 years. Nothing (appears) to be amiss with the dryer.
hidroman, thank you for the tip! I'll give that a try :) There is definitely someone like you that lives in this household. His initials are DH (lol)
cryptandrus, some of these towels went into service Jan of 2008. Others are sshrivastava, no in house pets of any kind.
Thanks for all the replies. I'll see if I can detect a sharp edge of USO :)

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Hi, Monica! Long time, no see. :-)

Have you found out yet if the agitator, or walls of the washer drum, have been causing the snags? I do hope you're able to solve this problem.

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Hey Mara :)
No, I haven't had time yet and need DH to help (I'm too short!) I've been getting ready for a road trip this weekend. Will test it next week. If there are no USO or rough areas on the agitator, I'll be calling service.

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I just found this posting when I was trying to find out why the towels that I place on top of the dog beds are snagging. This is happening to all towels bought in the past 5 years or so. I have some towels that are 30 years old and the dogs have never pulled or snagged the threads, they are just worn on the ends and not the color I want to use. I keep putting them down as they don't have all the pulls on them. I believe it is how they are making towels now a days. I have cheap ones from Walmart and they pulled and snagged horribly. Just went and got really nice from JC Penny - Linden Street - and they started getting snags in two days. Any one know of a towel that's not snagging? Thanks

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I have a full set of Lenox towels for a year now, no snags at all, and they are used and washed weekly. I wash them in warm water according to the instructions, come out clean, soft and great feeling.

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Could it be that the towels are reaching the end of their usefulness, and simply entering the beginning stages of deterioration?

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I agree with Roomtoroam.
Although I splurged and bought some bamboo blend towels by Pinzon thru Amazon. They are THE BEST towels I have ever owned hands down!
No snagging and entering year 3 of normal use. Heavy, over sized and slow drying for those who may be remotely interested. Love them!

BTW, I only wash my towels with other towels, so this may prevent them from snagging on zippers,etc. that others may experience.

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I wonder if Pinzon makes bamboo towels that are not thick. I have found as I grow older I have no patience with towels that I can't get between my toes or in my ears. Ws hate to use the luxury towels that I purchased thinking expensive is better. We like our old cheap ones better. Neither snags on our machines though.

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Actually Costco used to carry some bamboo towels online. I bought them, but haven't used them, because they were too thin for my liking. Just shove the end of the towel in your ear if you need to! ha! =) You wouldn't believe how wonderful these towels are until you have one. Of course it's my opinion, but read the reviews as they speak for themselves.
I use either Vaska or Costco's eco detergent on them and they turn out beautifully! No fabric softener for these!

Merry Christmas to all!

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