Washer/dryer power cord question

agogolakMarch 19, 2014

I have Frigidaire Affinity front load washer/dryer set. Currently in our laundry room, they are set up with the dryer on the left, washer on the right, and the coinciding power outlets behind them. I'd like to switch their positions to make it more user friendly, the washer on the left and dryer on the right however their power cords are not long enough. Does anyone know if they make longer power cords for this model than I can sub out the old ones for, or are their extension cords heavy duty enough for washers/dryers? Any advice would be appreciated! Many thanks!

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Use single cords for each. Various lengths are available. Shouldn't be a problem.

That's easy. Dryer vent may not be...how's that looking to you? Also length of water-supply hoses and drain hose for washer. Measured all that?

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SQ sells extra long fill hoses. Visit anyone of their parts distributors. Drain will only reach so far, and machine performance for draining goes down with long drain lines that increase back pressure.

Gwarstong has a good point, better figure out the vent for the dryer.

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Some washer/dryer sets have at least one with provision to reverse the door opening direction. Perhaps that would be a cheaper/quicker solution than physically reversing the whole units.

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