Condenser fan shroud

busboyJuly 26, 2011

My 7-10 year old York 3 ton was not cooling well. Pressures all checked out ok by tech. I went to clean the coils and the fins on the inside top fourth were all bent. I suspect the damage comes from water or ice/sleet being slung off the fan into the coil. My other unit has a shroud which surrounds the fan and prevents this from happening. I know I can straighten the fins, but I need to shroud this fan to prevent it from happening again. Are there after market shrouds for this purpose? Is it normal for the older units not to have a shroud? Based on my experience with the installer (no more) I would not be suprised if one was included but not installed. Appreciate the input.

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This is a heat pump, I presume. If the unit wasn't designed with a shroud, but rather a free air space above the fan, anything installed over top of the blades could restrict airflow and affect performance.


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You are correct vee. The shroud I am refering to would be the nacelle that surrounds the fan blades, not a cover over top of the fan. I have learned that it is not uncommon for the less expensive units to NOT have this feature. I am hopeing that York makes a shroud that will fit and that it is permissible. A shroud or "nacelle" surrounding the fan would likely enhance air flow as well as protect the fins on the upper coil from foreign object damage. IMHO.

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"A shroud or "nacelle" surrounding the fan would likely enhance air flow as well as protect the fins on the upper coil from foreign object damage. IMHO."

If the fan blades are aligned with the coil you will decrease air movement through at least a portion of the coil with a shroud.

The bottom of the shroud would need to be at least even with the top of the coil, or slightly above it to not restrict air flow though the coil.

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Thanks for the input folks. After due consideration I have concluded that this unit is simply not designed to accept the kind of modification I was considering. The only mod I would consider valid would be a shed roof over the unit placed high enough not to impede airflow. Considering the age of the unit I think the $25 fin comb from the auto parts store once a year is the most reasonable solution. The newer models (and higher price/quality) are not likely to have this problem.

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It could be done if there is enough room between the fan and the coil but it would be a trial and error type of thing.

One other thing to consider is the fact that some units do not get the best of treatment during assembly for whatever reason either the robots need calibrated or if an individual put it together it could have been a friday afternoon unit. It very well could have came out that way from the factory. The Tempstar I used to have had a line around the bottom of the fins that was bent up on the inside.

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After taking the top cover off the unit to straighten the fins I realized there would NOT be enough room for a shroud. Interesingly enough, I awoke this morning with the sudden realization that the damage could very well have been caused by the incompetant installers of the company which I no longer do business with. They have managed to screw up several installations for me (all corrected) but I should have realized sooner that I should be doing business with somebody else, which I am now. I can't recall them working on the inside of that unit but if they ever did I'm sure they could possibly be responsible for the damage. We will see next spring after snow, ice and leaf debries take their turn.

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