advice on the best he detergent for sensitive skin users

nina100March 23, 2009

I need to now what is considered to be the best He Detergent for very sensitive skin and washing the clothes please post your experiences .Thanks,Nina

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Everyone's sensitivites vary. I've found Tide Free/Sensitive to be great, as have many family and friends who have sensitivities, psoriasis, exema and allergies. Others here have used All Free & Clear, Charlie's soap (but that's not HE, though it's HE compatible) Cheer Free and just about anything that is a perfume/dye free. Sears has one also and Sears detergents are pretty popular. Dreft now has HE versions out and many like Dreft too. You probably need to try several and see which clean as you need without problems.

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I have the same sorts of skin allergies/conditions and Persil megapearls (for whites or colours) used in 1/2 recommended quantities is the best I've tried. It also is better than Tide Free or others for cleaning clothes. Persil megapearls is available online at and at some retailers. Check out the reviews! I'm impressed. It's expensive for a box but I only use 1 to 2 tablespoons max and it does a fantastic job.

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Try to stick with anything that is perfume and dye free. I personally use Charlies soap and a lot of our skin issues cleared right up. I had been using Cheer Free and Gentle HE before the Charlies but we still had some issues with it, but we are a family of many allergies so it wasn't surprising.

But chose what is right for you. There are many things on the market you can try.

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When the kids were young I used Dreft. Apparently by some current posts it now also comes in HE. But the best thing I found was to make the machine do an extra rinse. If their clothes were really dirty and I had to use a lot of detergent/pre-treater to get out the stains, I would just run them thru another complete cycle. Diapers were always a double cycle.

So if you are having issues, try doing at least an additional rinse. You may have to do double cycles to remove all traces of the soap residue.

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Specifically pages 6 and 7 where it talks about the use of the HE (high efficiency) seal. Check to make sure the detergent has the actual seal.

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