I can not finr the specifications of a model Number for a Quasar

cpkochJuly 21, 2011

I just bought a used Quasar Air Conditioner and can not find specs or model number for it. It is an older model characterized by an installation bracket that accommodates the bulk of the cooling unit on the outside of the window such that only a six inch (or so) part of the unit is actually penetrating the window in which it is installed.

In other words the unit is shaped in a stepped fashion with the outside of the unit dropped below the window opening. The bracket has a couple of rubber lined adjustment screws that are screwed against the outside wall so that the unit may be set (level) at the proper angle.

Can someone out there suggest where I can find the model number and BTU type specs?

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I don't know what your abilities are or why you want this information such as, do you just want to know the btu capacity or, are you having a problem and want to service it. What's below may be way more information than you really want. I took the time to go into detail assuming you want as much information about your unit as you can get. Otherwise, I hope someone somewhere may find it useful.

Window unit configurations vary, even within the same manufacturer. My description below is general so while following that information, you may find the procedure not to be precise to your particular unit. I am assuming you are somewhat mechanically inclined and can determine what to do, to get where I describe below. A service tech would perform what is described in less than 5 minutes. You may take a bit longer and if mechanically inclined, the steps will be easy. Writing the information down will make the process longer.

You should be able to find a nomenclature plate or label somewhere. Some units used stick on labels that might have come off over time but, there is one somewhere that may have been pop riveted. UNPLUG THE UNIT, take the front cover off and look around the edges of the frame to see if there is a small plate riveted somewhere. Look deeper into the system where the air is discharged and see if there is a label glued or a tag of some sort. Sometimes the paint has faded off them and they blend in pretty good and can be overlooked. If you have carefully looked and know there is no tag, then you'll have to go deeper into the unit. The next place to look would be behind the control panel. Pull the knobs off and take off the face plate. If it is not behind the face plate, the the access panel to the electrical components will have to be removed. Somewhere in there should be a sticker with the information on it and maybe even a schematic drawing. If not there, it's time to go deeper. If the unit slides out of the casing, slide it out and look, there should be something within that area. Try to look carefully and find a tag since this will give you precise information. If you can't find a nomenclature tag, then post back with some information I'll ask below and one of us can put you into a very close ball park.

While you have the unit outside the casing, record the information off the tag on the compressor. Even though the compressors were used in a range of cooling capacities, it'll help narrow it down. If you can see any information stamped on the fan motor, that will be helpful. The dimensions of the condensing coil...height, thickness, number of runs, etc. The same information for the evaporator coil will be needed. Also provide the information off the capacitor if you can read it. What is the working voltage (220 or 110). This information may not provide a model or serial number but it will narrow down to the number of btu's it will be rated at and any general service information needed. Color of wiring makes no difference or where it is connected makes no difference so please don't include that if you post back.

We won't necessarily need every bit of this information but the more you can give us, the closer we can get to a precise size unit you have, for you. Some of us might have some old service manuals we can reference to get you even closer once we have enough info.

I suspect you want to at least know the btu size of the unit. As for thermostats, switches and other controls, they are pretty standard and model won't be that critical in obtaining them, although it always helps to do it faster.

I'm sure if you've done as described above, you would have cleaned the area around the compressor, condensing coil etc. If you are mechanically inclined, you would also want to oil the fan motor while the unit is outside it's casing.

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