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HotInNJJuly 11, 2011

I'm down to making my final decision on my AC replacement (no heat). They are both 4 ton units with the non-communicating variable speed air-handler. Both contractors seem reputable. The Lennox is a 16 SEER(gets rebates) while the Trane is a 15 SEER(no rebates). The price of the Lennox with all of the rebates is about the same as the Trane without the rebates. I'm getting the 5" media filter on both as well.

Lennox XC14-041 w/ CBX32MV-048+TDR

Trane XR15-4TTR5048E w/ 4TEE3F49C

The systems are very comparable. I'm kind of leaning toward the Trane unit since I hear they are a bit more reliable, and part are easier to get for them. The Trane compressor is slightly larger.

10 Year Parts, 10 Year Compressor, 5 Year labor on both.

What are your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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The Trane is a nicer system.

I realize NJ has expensive electric rates. However if you heat with oil or propane, it might make it worthwhile to take a second look at a heat pump and possible cost advantage.

Now to the Trane. Here is the AHRI number for your configuration.

3437269 Active Systems XR15 TRANE 4TTR5048E1 4TEE3F49B1 44500 12.50 15.00 1

you realize the communicating air handler can hit the 16 SEER target and the relatively new VS Hyperion model goes to 15.75 SEER.

Also with the 4TTR5049E1 condenser, there are systems that hit the 16 SEER threshold. My point is you should discuss this further with your dealer.


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