Follow up-any way to get the range in the same run as the sink?

akl_vdbJanuary 19, 2014

I have a previous post regarding changing cabs and floors as we had a flood. Wondering now if there's any way to get the range and sink somewhat on the same run. I'll post layout and hopefully it can be read, and the link to the previous post.

The inside dimensions of the pantry are 44 x 44. Fridge is 36 and counter depth. Range is slide in.

Thanks for the helpful advice all!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to previous thread, pics in posts

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Can you take out corner pantry? Then range could go on that side, with sink and dishwasher on other wall and prep on the angle.

On the other side...pantry, fridge and microwave/snack area on the other angle. Just an idea :) From Kitchen plans

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I like LL's suggestion, especially if you're now willing to do a more expansive remodel than you seemed to be in your earlier thread. You can always add more pantry cabinets to her plan; just shift the fridge towards the eat-in kitchen area, creating a "wall of tall".

Her plan does eliminate the oven(2nd)/MW column, however you could opt for a speed oven installed below counter; one appliance to do the work of two.

In your current kitchen, one way to bring a water source closer to the range would be to add a prep sink at the end of the range cab run nearest to the eat-in kitchen area. You would lose cab storage but you would be able to keep your corner pantry and your existing counters IF the fabricators can cut the sink hole with the counters in place. No idea if that's possible.

I have two questions if you're open to making larger changes to your kitchen. Does the cab/counter run along your current range wall have to have an elbow bend, mimicking the shape of the window wall, or could it be a straight run? How would straightening it and lengthening it affect the eat-in kitchen area and the FR?

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lavendar_lass- thanks for that mock up! I can actually see what a plan is supposed to look like, I always have problems seeing something when I can't imagine it. Looks good. Where my sink is now though, I have a window to look out of when I do dishes. It's nice and relaxing, and I can watch the family.

I really appreciate the layout and can see how it's better with the range with the sink run, don't think the expense would make it more livable , kwim? Thank you so much for taking the time to think this out, I want to make sure now that I don't have any regrets (except of course doing our reno before we had our flood, oh, well, who knew, and I did learn a lot when dealing with contractors...grr, should have thrown the tile guy out of the house!)

lisa_a-A prep sink in the peninsula, that's an idea. I wish I could fit an island in the kitchen, but it's too cramped for an island, but almost too big to walk across, kwim?

Hmmm, really, if I did want to change that aspect of the peninsula, it wouldn't be a huge loss of counters, as we have a seam behind the range, so if we changed shape we would just have to get the counter to the left of the range redone.

How straight a run? There's only 25 inches to the left of the range before the wall ends. Not sure how it might look if it's 90 degreed instead? I know the angles waste so much space!

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Get rid of the expensive and space wasting angles and put the sink on a regular L shaped peninsula. It will be much more social to face into the home while you prep than looking out a window. Your pantry can even stay where it is.

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How would I do the sink on an L shaped peninsula? The range wall? I do all my prep on the peninsula currently (well, prior to all my cabs being removed!). Thank you.

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Here's a modification of LL's plan with a straight run instead of an angled run along the FR wall.

I shifted the sink towards the eat-in kitchen area, giving you more counter room between sink and range for prep work. I also added a window so you can keep an eye on kids while you're at the sink. There's (hopefully) a 12" cab between sink and angled DW, allowing you more room to stand at the sink and load dishes than it appears your current plan offers. The lighter gray lines show the DW door open so you can get an idea how an open DW door will affect the aisle.

I shifted the fridge down and added another pantry cab. The MW is a MW drawer below the counter, convenient to the fridge for quick reheats and convenient for kids to make popcorn and other snacks without getting in your way as you prepare meals.

I understand what LWO is suggesting - adding an L to the straight run I show - but I didn't add it to my plan because of the DW door and my inability to accurately see how wide the space is and how far into the room, the angled wall/window intrude.

I'm not sure if I can extend the counter/cab run as far as I did. Couldn't tell from your images how much room you have at that end of the space.

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This is a two-fer drawing showing in gray extending the range run showing in your Jan 19th at 18:15 photo. It works by clipping the sink and dishwasher off the opposite wall, flattening the cabinet run back on the opposite wall and extending this run by adding the sink and dw. I almost want to pick the range up and put it on the opposite run, kill off the corner pantry in favor of a great wall of tall (ref, micro/ov, appliance garage going on the corner with the ref in its current position.

In the newly configured range run, you'd have counter frontage of about 8.5 feet after the corner and likely could recycle the existing piping to have a prep sink in the final two feet. Prep sink in size, but more a fill and drain sink with hand washing thrown in.

Then every inch of the current range wall could have uppers for dishes and food storage.

Part of a double "L" is shown with a green extension of the flat run of cabinets instead of the angled run. You'd do the same thing on the other side: start with the ref, cabinets into pantry corner and flat against the connecting sink wall.

Hope some idea helps.

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Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas! I think if anything changes, it would most likely be the peninsula area. Just to figure out if it makes sense space wise and budget wise.

Thank you so much all for taking the time to help me out!

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Do you have room on the other side of the sink for the DW?

Something like this?

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Holy moly, look at that pic! So awesome. And we have a white sink too! That window looks awesome!

Room wise, as that part by the sink comes out really close to our eat in area, there isn't room. We also have a door to the outside deck right past where the dishwasher in the pic is, along the straight wall.

Thank you so much for the rendering, I love seeing pics of how things could look, and this is so neat. I'm so not good at seeing spacial design/plans, so I love pics/3D.

I had a thought this am, thanks to lisa_a- perhaps a microwave drawer along the peninsula. We take food out of the fridge, put it in a bowl which is along the range wall, then walk across the kitchen to put it in the microwave in the uppers (and I'm short, so sometimes it's a reach), then walk over to the eat in area with it. A lot of crossing the room.

Hmmm, might be able to convince the husband of that one, if it's a good idea to have it there. DH loves the layout as is and thinks I'm nuts to want to change it. But the kitchen is in shambles I'm trying to explain, and trying to find the best layout for the cook (85% of the time-me), but we do love to cook together too when time allows.

But my main prep area is that peninsula. Would a microwave drawer be a pain in the butt being there?

Thank you so much sena01 for that wonderful pic. It really helps me see what the space could look like and if it would work space wise and for our family.

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