What do you do with all the pillows??

themommy1November 13, 2009

Hi! just was at Iglochics, and got to thinking. If you only use 2 pillows for sleeping, what do you do at night with the other 8? They look so nice in the day, but where do they go so you don't fall over them at night in the dark?


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Closet? Blanket chest? Under the bed?

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Oh, BTW, was this at the new place?? She said she was moving today? Yesterday?

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I've wondered the same thing. We use two pillows and mine is small and flat and doesn't match DH's, lol. I remember being at a bed & breakfast and moving those pillows around all the time. Didn't want to put them on the floor. They look great but are not for me.

I've also wondered how people use pillow shams. Do you take off the cover every night to sleep on just the pillow? Or are they mainly for decor unless you need a second pillow?

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Mine go on the floor and don't always make it back to the bed. When we finally get a new bed I'll be limiting my pillows!

Adoptedbygreyhounds - My Grammy would always just lay the pillow sham covers over the pillows during the day. lol I'm sure this is considered way wrong but it was easy and then they used those pillows at night.

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In our last house, the master bedroom was on the first floor so I actually cared what it looked like. Always put the pillows on the floor of the walk-in closet.

In this house, it's upstairs so I couldn't care less. When I even bother to put them on the bed, I just throw them on the floor. :)

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ajsmama, yes it was at igloo's new place, and almost every room has 8 to 10 pillows (of differant sizes) on the beds. I also just lay a pillow sham over my pillows, because I don't want to sleep on the pillow if my cat has beed on it.(she likes to roll in the dirt)

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So what does igloo say to do with them? Do you have one of the suites? Just throw them on the sofa/chaise/settee!

Nice to move into a furnished house. When's their stuff coming? Hope the move went/goes smoothly. Tell her we're thinking about her, and post when she has a chance!

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We sleep with 1-2 pillows each so those are the only pillows we have on our bed. I prefer a clean, uncluttered look, which is why I use a bedspread as opposed to a comforter. The bedspread is long enough to fold down and then back over the pillows (just like in the "old days" LOL). One pillow gets covered and one pillow lays on top of the bedspread. The exposed pillow is covered with a nice "pillow pajama" during the day and it pops off at night. The pillow pajama is basically a fancy pillow case which I make out of a heavier weight decorator fabric. Much easier to get in and out of than a traditional sham and the look is cleaner, too.

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ajsmama, igloo says"there are two many" some need to go. Yes I do have a suite for when it may be to late or bad to drive home. (17 miles) When their stuff is comming? Well some any day and some in a few weeks I think. I think she will post soon, once the internet and such gets set up. It is a lot of hassle going from comerical to family, as the instalers don't get it.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I have six pillow on my bed along with our two sleeping pillows. The six get moved to a bench next to the bed for the night. It's no big deal.
I fold back the duvet and do not sleep under or on anything that is a "top cover". The bed has sheets, two blankets and
heating pad.

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I have a bunch of pillows including 4 shams.If I take them off they get stacked between dressers and if DH takes them off they are piled near there. The shams are just for pretty unless I am propped up like a princess reading.
themommy1 you will fix us breakfast when we all come to visit Igloo right??? Big GW sleepover!

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I can't believe so many of you put them on the floor.

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The floor is fairly clean.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

My dogs would think it was their birthday if I put them on the floor.

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I took most of mine off the bed because they stayed on the floor all the time. Bumblebeez LOL that's exactly what my eurosham pillows become at night on the floor, a bed for my dog.

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Thanks for the laugh out loud guys! These last few posts cracked me up. As I suspected, the shams are mostly for looks, but I didn't know they were also dog beds. That is exactly what my greyhound would think they were for.

Mrsmarv, have you noticed how hard it is getting to be to find bedspreads? I had to buy a king size quilt for my queen size bed to find one big enough to cover pillows as you described.

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A chair.

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I have 9 pillows on our master bed. My DS has 6 on his. Not counting the ones we actually use to sleep on. Of course, all the ones on top are decorative and are layed nicely on top of each other when we go to bed, we have carpet only in the bedrooms. Never a problem here. No indoor pets either. Sorry, but, I thought that was funny that someone actually thought you take the pillow shams off each night-LOL!

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My parents have a bench at the bottom of the bed. The pillows get put on the bench, and the bedspread gets folded down over them and the bench. Very organized:)

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LOL on the "floor is generally clean" comment :)

I'm assuming ours is since we just moved in and our socks aren't black after a day in the house heh heh

I have the dozen decorative pillows on our bed thrown in a corner (on the floor) and the nine from DS's bed on the floor in another corner. His silk bed cover is gone :) He's four and takes a bottle to bed LOL Not a good combo with silk! One bed has 15 decorative pillows...I counted after mom told me about this post!

I expect to have a large pillow sale heh heh or add them to the huge backlog of bedding I now own (a second down comforter or third for each bed as well as three or more comforter choices). Actually in reality...I'll probably keep three or four from each bed and a few extra's and donate the rest to a women's shelter for women escaping abuse and setting up a new home. Those pillows would mean a lot to a women starting over I'd bet.

But with a limit of three per bed so they don't perpetuate the dozen pillow fashion of the day LOL

The dog would not lower himself to sleep on a pillow on the floor...isn't that what the end of the bed is for?

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I can barely bring myself to make the bed every morning... if I had to arrange 6 or 8 pillows as well, that would drive me nuts. I have 2 sleeping pillows, 2 shams, and one king-size pillow that gets tossed in front only because I happened to find this one king-size velvet sham that I loved. I sleep with the sham (with pillow inside) over my head to block out the sound of my dog's snoring.

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sueb, is it you that has a bulldog? I know someone else has one here but can't remember who. When you mentioned a snoring dog, I was shaking my head up and down.

My shams are great on the guest bed but the shams for my bed tend to live off the bed - in a basket - unless I am having company.

I have been seriously thinking about Igloo's new house... I decided I must be getting old because I do not envy her one bit. My own house is too big. Dust finds itself in rooms that aren't even used around here and keeping up with this house is a lot. I am so glad it is igloo's house and not mine. LOL!

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I just moved, today, two decorative pillows from my bedroom floor (they are supposed to be on our bed, but get tossed to my not-so-clean floor) to DD2's bed (she's still in a crib). No idea what I'll do when she's in a bed.....maybe I'll copy DD1's moves (she hides anything that she doesn't like/want like a decorative pillow behind her bed). I've shoved two regular pillows into one pillow case, on each side of the bed, to prop us up when watching tv in bed. Another set of memory foam pillows (one each) to sleep on. Well, one for each human. Naughty puppy usually shares mine when he (the puppy) isn't draped over DH's neck.

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sue we were at the toy store today....you can actually buy a stuffed dog that snores LOL I'll bet sales are not brisk to dog owners (mine snores but not as loud as DH so it's not a big deal).

Goldie....amen :oP I'm looking forward to closing up a great deal of the house after guests leave next weekend as well as interviewing a cleaning service. Even though I can't get agressive with sorting now, I've started and it's intimidating. There's A LOT of stuff in this house. Nice or not so nice it's still A LOT of sorting, organizing etc. Ya'll know what I'll be doing all winter LOL

Really if you get it down to the rooms we'll actually live in it's not so bad. We'll go down by some 1500 sq ft just in closing up the top floor. I'm not envying me either :oP DH loves the place...I'm on the fence frankly. I miss my home in Alaska. The only big plus so far is mom :) But the balance is overwhelming.

This could be jet lag talking...or the fact that I'm living in someone else's decorated and furnished home that I need to make my own...but I feel like I'm living in a hotel. Nice for vacation, but not what a person wants to call "home".

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This thread cracks me up. If you knew what I had to go through with bedding you'd all run screaming from the room! DH and I have utterly opposite bed styles. I LOVELOVELOVE hotel, militarily tight tucked beds. The tighter the better for me. DH, he despises having the sheets tucked in and he pulls the blankets up then tucks his feet under them. He also insists on using 4 pillows...one under his head, one on top of his head, one under his shoulder and one near his knee. Then, during the night 2 or 3 end up on the floor and he tries grabbing mine.

We have a standard king, but I sleep on the furtherest left edge.

I tried once to have a bedding ensemble, shams, euroshams, decorative pillows & bolsters. Sigh. Now I'm lucky if the comforter is still on the bed by the time I get there.

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Pesky we should trade! My DH loves military tucked beds- I told him if that was what he wanted then he knew how to do them! I hate being tucked in tight and I usually end up with all of the covers.

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"the floor is clean" LOL!!

I love pillows! We have a chest at the end of the bed, where the extras go at night.

As for shams, I keep pillows in the shams that are just for that. They stay in the shams and the shams come off the bed at night.

We have a large armoire in our bedroom. My husband built shelves in it. There's a large space at the bottom - I keep a big basket in there - good for extra pillows, blankets, etc.


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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

I would vote for collecting all pillows from the rooms, putting them in a big pile, inviting a bunch of kids over and jumping into them.

I like pillows to help position me when reading in bed and they can make for a lovely setting under candlelight with a glass of something alcoholic...when I turn down the bed for the night I just throw them in a chair. If I don't turn down the bed, DH leaves mine where they are and who knows where they end up when I come to bed.

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igloo, you will be fine. You will make the house your own in time. Am I remembering right that you bought it furnished? If so, it is like a hotel right now. Sell what off what isn't you and make the house yours.

I'm getting rid of an antique bed in one of my guest rooms and can't wait. I turned it into a library and will put in a set of bunk beds for the grand kids. I have three extra bedrooms. I'm making the library more contemporary than the other rooms.

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adopted ~ I had a heck of a time finding a bedspread that fit most of my criteria. Thankfully I tend to go for more traditional and/or simple ones. I gussy it up with the accoutrements ;o) I found the one we have at JC Penney on-line. It's a simple quilted lightweight one in a smoky slate-ish blue. I have a queen sized duvet from Country Curtains at the foot of the bed for extra warmth, if needed. The pattern from CC is "Montague" and we have the duvet and the valances in the same pattern. When we went from a queen bed to an olympic queen I didn't want to give up the duvet.

I'm chuckling as I read this thread. So many personalities and so many different ways to put together a bed. Who'd have thunk?

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golddust, yes, we have two bulldogs but (fortunately) only one of them snores. She is so loud. She snores even when she's awake! I'm serious -- she'll be snoring away and I'll look over and her eyes are open. She also makes little oinking sounds like a pig when she's walking around the house. Our other bulldog makes no noise, except on rare occasions when she barks.

The snoring dog:

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We have a king bed. Starting at the headboard, there are two large bolster pillows, three euro shams, two small decorative bolsters with a decorative square pillow in the middle, and two more decorative rectangular pillows, each a different design, in front of that.

The shams have stuffer pillows in them that are never removed. That is done on all the decorative pillows shams on all the beds in the house. Those pillows aren't for sleeping.

All the pillows go on the cedar chest at night, the sleeping pillows(5 of them, 3 are DH's) go on the cedar chest during the day. I love the depth and interest they give to the bed, and putting them on or taking them off adds maybe 2 minutes to the process.

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Ha! This thread is fun to read. I don't have a problem with bed pillows, because I have so much trouble figuring out what to do with the couch pillows I don't want any extra pillows anywhere near my bed! I'd be in a nuthouse if I had to contend with bed pillows, too. And, I never know what to do with pillows when I'm about to sit on someone else's cluttered couch, either! I hate the #$%^ things!

Thanks for the laughs about them.

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LOL Sherrmann...you'd run from this house screaming :)

I love pillows...I actually get great joy from making them (decorative) using scraps of antique tapestry, lace, etc. But I guess I draw the line on pillows as this...if the pillow pile reaches past the middle of the bed....we have too many pillows!

I like a shammed pillow, which sits over the regular sleeping pillows, and then maybe three decorative, NOT TWELVE LOL

And in a house with a dog, cat, crazy 4 year old, DH and myself....we're lucky to get to the bed to move the pillows before one of the aforementioned life forms gets there first and moves the pillows for us (and they tend to knock them on the floor LOL).

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Sueb20, our Isabelle looks just like your snoring bulldog! She snores and makes pig noises all the time as well. The vet actually commented on her being so noisy said we could have surgery to "fix the problem." By now, her noises are such a part of her personality...

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I have a big trunk at the end of my bed and there they go.

I just love those sweet little bulldogs. If I ever get another dog it will be a BD and I even have names picked out Spanky or Marilyn.

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