Laundry cabinets, countertop and W/D - Pic.

marthaelenaMarch 14, 2011


We want to update the laundry room. I appreciate any imput you might have.

Right now, we only have the W/D and a wire shelf (6' wide x 12" deep) with a built in rod. We sort and fold the clothes over the dryer and also place some pieces in hangers, then temporarily on the rod and when we are done take everything to closets. We keek one or 2 of my husband's jackets on the rod, most of the year.

We also have a 24" wide base cabinet on the side with a sink.

We want to buy a new set of FL W/D (see link) if you have a better option, please let me know.

These are my options:

The top one shows the widest counter at 40" H (a bit high but we are tall) and side by side w/d. They do not have tall base cabinets so I will need to place it higher and cover the bottom space with a baseboard or live an open space on top (with a cap)

The second shows stacked w/d and the counter is at standard 36" H. I could have an open area in the base cabinet (for baskets and other things) or all doors.

The laundry is on the first floor and the flooring is leveled. We are on a crawl space.

The third option shows a utility cabinet and a 40" High counter. I could skip the counter and use the top of the w/d or buy a worksurface (the one that they sell with the W/D.

I am not too trilled on installing a rod. I guess I could always use a foldable hanger holder (or a "valet" rod) on the wall.

All the counters will be 30" deep.

Thanks you for taking a look at this!

Here is a link that might be useful: the W/D we want to buy

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As you have them, I prefer option 3 ,,, with option 1 coming in a very distant second and I would omit option 2 (that one doesn't work for me at all).

I would definitely put in a counter top, regardless of the option.

My issue with option 1 (and to a lesser extent 3), is the lack of space between the top of the counter and bottom of the upper cabinet. For me, a little more than 1 ft is not enough space for that area to be functional. I'd shift the cabinets higher (since you have 2 feet of unused space up above). At least, in option 3 you can set a laundry basket in the middle and have it be accessible. But even my smallest laundry basket wouldn't fit in the space between the upper cabinets and the w/d.

Even if you don't use laundry baskets, I don't think there is enough space for that area to be functional for say piling a stack of clothes and folding them. Even if you air fold directly out of the dryer and just stack on the counter, 13" or 14" is not a lot of space.

I would shift up the upper cabinets (and use a step stool to access them) as this would provide me with more counter area, but that's just me.

I have a rod over my W/D too, but I don't use it. Because anything hanging on it would be in the way, as I also prefer to use the space over my W/D to fold. I use a valet bar on the wall opposite the W/D, so anything hanging is out of my way.

A suggestion, it might sound silly, but you might want to use tape and cardboard boxes (or whatever) to mock up your proposed plan in your existing space to see if it'll work for you.

Good luck!!

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Thank you!

I can raise the cabinets by 6" but remember that the counter is actually going to be minimum 30" deep, maybe 32" so the wall cabinet will be more to the back than standard kitchen cabinets with 24" counters but you have a good point about the baskets, I will measure mine.

The space between wall cabinet and countertop is the same in option 1 and 3 - I just noticed that I forgot to delete the 2" dimension and align the dimension to the counter line when I did the drawing in AutoCAD.

I possibly will end up using a short (maybe 18" tall) open cabinet where I have the rod and use a valet rod as you do.
Thanks for your help

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I also vote for #3 and I agree with jlt37869, your upper cabs should be placed higher. Also, I would take the cabinets as high as they'll go and then crown it to the ceiling. The amount of dust that's created in a laundry room is incredible. In my last house, I'd climb up on my counter every few months to dust on top of the cabinets. It was gross! In my new house, we've designed it as I suggested.
One thing that I noticed is that there isn't a sink here. Do you feel it's unnecessary in the way you do laundry or did you just forget to draw it in?

As a side note, I saw a similar set-up as option 2 at Home Depot last week. I liked it. A few small differences though -- they had a sink and lower cabinet door under the hanging rod, beside the lower cabinet they had 3 drawers, and the stacked washer/dryer had a valance over it so it looked more like a built-in. However, I also noticed that there wasn't a lot of counter space -- which for me is a deal-breaker.

Best of luck and I hope whatever option you choose improves your life.

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Instead of a counter I have this work surface over my washer & dryer. This makes it easier to access the back of the machines. The raised back keeps stuff from falling back behind.

Here is a link that might be useful: Work surface

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Great suggestions!
Thank you!!!

Yes, I have a sink at an additional small base cabinet at the opposite corner, I mentioned it on my post.
Thanks again!!!

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