recommendations for stacking W/D for a downsizing senior

mabeldingeldine_gwMarch 29, 2011

My MIL is downsizing after her husband of 53 years passed. The house has sold, and she has found an apartment but needs to purchase a stacking washer dryer.

I am looking for recommendations. She will be a light user, 1-3 small loads a week.

I am concerned that she will find the complex digital machines well... complex. We are looking at machines:

Frigidaire FRFW3700LW

or the

Whirlpool WFW9150WW

How challenging are these to use? Are they reliable machines? What else do I need to know? I haven't bought a washing machine in 18 years, so I'm feeling under-prepared for this. Thanks, all

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That machine, like all the new HE machines require the HE soap, use less water, more energy efficient. Now, you mother might not appreciate the results as compared to a traditional T/L machine she is used too.

Our's is a WP Duet 9500, 6 years old (came with this house) just died a few days ago. I'm buying a WP T/L machine to replace it. Not as efficient, but I'm not tied to HE soap. I like to try different soaps for different clothes.

Reliable? Get the extended warranty (Lowes/HD - 100 dollars for 4 years, total is 5 years with mfg. warranty). One advantage of Lowes is they will take it back within 30 days if you don't like it.

After mine failed I read the repair blogs and these machines are not going to last like a traditional t/l machines. Your mother won't use it as much which will prolong the life. The energy/water use will cut her utility bill a bit if that is a factor.

The only thing I don't like about stacking is if it breaks the repair guy might hate you trying to get access to the machines.

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Miele is SO reliable and SO easy to use. No animated graphics, dancing bubble, jingle bells played when the load is done, etc... :)

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Miele is roughly 3x the cost of many options available. At 1-3 loads a week does your mother really require the extra durability? I doubt it. My Mom lives on her own and resisted but finally went to a compact model and is very happy. Any particular reason for looking at 27" vs 24"?

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Speed Queen makes a very simple to operate stack set. I would check them out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen

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Look for the Samsung with VRT (with Vibration Reduction Technology) ... it is simple to use and a reliable laundry pair! The WP Duet with 4.0 capacity in their washers is definitely a much higher rated and more reliable laundry pair than the Frigidaire is and I believe it costs much less! Furthermore, the WP Duet has been around for the longest time, has the least number of problems and easy to fix should anything go wrong! They have been consistently listed in the consumers ratings over the years! On the down side, the WP Duet and the Frigidaire are belt driven while the Samsung is a Direct Drive! Speak to a sales person at a place like Sears, the Bay or The Brick (all canadian) if you want some more information on these pairs!

All these machines are stackable, but separate units! You do not have to dispose both if one of them fails! And you will require a stacking kit that costs anywhere from CAD 19.99 to CAD 39.99.

Pay for the features she wants not for the price of the machine! Sturdy, reliable and easy to handle! In short, the best value for your money!

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I have a compact Samsung pair (very basic) and I will say the fuzzy logic controls are very straight forward and user friendly. I am sure this is available on other Samsung sets and probably by other manufacturers (must say my Mom's Whirlpool set doesn't seem as dumbed down as mine).

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Thanks for all the advice. We found a mechanically controlled 3.1 c.f. Frigidaire set at a smaller locally-owned appliance store. My MIL felt more comfortable with the controls and the store, and went with those. I think given her usage they will be fine, and the store offered free delivery and set up. Thanks again.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mechanical Frigidaire FL

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mabeldingeldine, my mother has that washer. She also downsized to a condo after my dad passed. She's had the washer, stacked with the matching dryer for almost 3 years now, and she is very pleased with them. She probably uses them about as often as your MIL does. She is very tech-shy- no computer or cell phone, but she had no problem figuring out the washer.

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Mapletex, thanks for that, I shared that info with my MIL and she found it pretty reassuring. Yesterday DH and I spent the day unpacking her kitchen and helping her settle in. DH is there again today preparing for the w/d delivery on Monday. Hope this is a happy ending!

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