Distance between top of cooktop and bottom of hood?

azmeltJanuary 23, 2010

It seems as if I read a thread here somewhere about the optimal distance between the bottom of the hood and top of the cooktop, but I can't find it now. My cabinet installer is asking me how far up I want the hood installed.

We willl have a Zephyr Typhoon 36 inch hood over an electric 36 inch cooktop. I am tall--5'9", so I don't want to be bumping my head into the edge of the hood, but at the same time, I want to make sure I take advantage of the cfm (850) that I paid for in the Zephyr. Anyone have details on this spec?


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Does your cooktop manual provide any details? Mine had very specific minimum clearances and material specs (inflammable at the back, left and right if there were upper cabs etc.)

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The installation information is on page 5 of the Zephyr's owner's manual. The mounting height of the hood should be between 24 & 32.

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I mounted my Jenn Air hood at 27 inches and wish now that I would have gone two inches higher. And I am short.

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I posted my answer on your other thread, which you posted a couple of hours later than this one. Threads scroll very quickly on this forum; if you don't see a recent thread you've posted on the first page, you will likely find it on Page 2 or 3, so no need to re-post. Sometimes people "bump" their thread back to the first page by just posting the word "bump" in their thread. It'll be less cumbersome than trying to keep track of multiple threads on one topic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Azmelt thread on distance bet. cooktop and hood

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DH did a lot of research on GW, checked the range's manual and spoke to the supplier - Pretige.

The most significant part is the capture area. The Prestige technician said that the front to back distance is more critical than the width. The higher the hood from the range the further the hood should stick out over the range (cooking fumes spread out as they rise); especially as you tend to cook on the front elements.

A larger CFM cannot make up for an inadequate capture area.

For the Prestige unit I am geting it was okay to go up to 36" as the hood depth will be 24".

At 32" off the cooktop the hood will start at 5'8"; one inch lower than your height. The technician brought up an interesting point about the brain picking up things better at, or below, eye level so something just above your forehead may missed when working.

The width of 36" is at least as wide as the cooktop but you did not mention the depth of your hood. Is it the more standard 18" or is it deeper?

DH made a cardboard mockup of the hood and stuck it up at the expected height. It was a good way to check if it was problematic.

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