Mouse poop in bath fan light cover

cheerpeopleJuly 3, 2011

I wondered why I found poop in the light cover. We just bought this Waussau modular home a month ago and it has been full of expensive surprises. It's not new, it was built 13 years ago.

Turns out they built the home with bath fan ductwork that is like a slinky covered in a white plastic no thicker than a garbage bag. The mice chew through and have "the run" of the place. Also the ductwork was never run anywhere to vent out of the attic- so the runs are convenient mouse sidewalks. All the fan did was blow the air into the attic. The plastic ductwork looked like swiss cheese- just full mouse holes with a thick layer of hardened urine/poo on the bottom.

The good news is. My GC will replace the ductwork with metal that vents properly to the outside. The bathfan replacement was not easy- due to the cathedral style ceiling, the area above the bathroom could not be accessed thru an attic, the fan had to come thru a hole in the roof! While they were at it I had a can put in the shower and a light in the bathroom closet.

Every day it's something new. Just had to share.


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I never did like using plastic dryer vent hose for anything, especially not using it for a dryer vent.

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