Trane Reliability & Early Failure - Beware

hikkerJuly 29, 2012

I had two Trane XR13 units installed 2 yrs + 11 months ago. Now, downstairs XR13 is not cooling. Installer service call revealed condensor coil leak. Installer contacted Trane and coil covered by warranty but labor not covered by warranty.

So, add it up, Service call $ + Leak test $ + Freon Recharge $(to enable unit while waiting for coil from Trane distribution) + Coil change-out $ + Freon Recharge $ = $1,200.

I am so disappointed in Trane quality & premature failure. When we were obtaining quotes 3 years ago we considered Goodman brand hardware but decided to pay higher price for anticipated Trane reputation for reliability and longivity. As customers, we feel sorely mislead and shabbily treated by Trane quality and reliability claims.

Beware if considering Trane brand hardware.

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Hopefully this is your only problem with this unit. I'm still considering Amana over Carrier due to price. I figure I can use the 2,000 I'm saving towards repairs on the Amana and maybe I'll get lucky....As your story proves even the better names can have problems so there is no guarantee that I'd be home free with Carrier anyway. My thinking it's the same installer who I have confidence in and I'm getting that 10 yr part and labor warranty. I was going to get the Carrier and last night I was just thinking to myself..."WHY am i going to spend the extra 2,000 for Carrier" I couldn't come up with a reason considering they both have 10 yr pt and labor warranty in my price. I can use the 2k to pay for a hotel room if the repair takes too long!

Is a condensor coil leak the kind of thing the install could have anything to do with? I ask because so many people insist the install is more important than the brand.

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My 2 Trane XR12 units from 2004 have experienced one capacitor failure as the only problem. Getting the installation completed properly initially was another story. While HVAC is not my trade, I do know a good installation, or a bad one, when I see it.

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I have installed 100's & 100's of units in my day and sometimes you just get a bad unit. It doesnt mean the company is crap or that they are trying to pull the wool over your eyes, it just means a guy on that assembly line... that particular day when your unit was being made... might have been having a bad day. All companies are ran by humans and humans make mistakes.


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Nice, understanding attitude fluffybunny. I, too might wax philosophical were it not my $1,200 &$@�#'d away.

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Then sell your house & rent. Or better yet - buy the labor warranty too.

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Did you call Trane customer service and tell them how disappointed you are in the performance of their condenser coil? Even though it is out of warranty, companies will sometimes pay for a good will repair.

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I would be as unhappy about the failure and the expense as you are. So show us which brand will not experience such problems.

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I would be complaining not so much on the failure but the dealer's labor cost. It would seem to me that this is extremely high and dealer should call Trane to see if something could be worked out for this customer.. This is done everyday. I would have already called the local Trane distributor who most always has a residential specialist on their staff.


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