stacking dog crates

MardoMarch 6, 2012

I'm posting my question in Laundry as I originally intended to put two L/XL dog crates under each corner of full wall counter (crate doors facing each other). The problem became the width of the crates under the countertop would become unnaturally deep and it detracted from the functionality of the laundry room. I decided to move crates into the adjoining mudroom and stack them on top of each other within built in cabinets with a strong divider between them. This will be located next to a 36x48 walk in doggy shower so it seems more appropriate here.

Does anyone have any pictures of large stacked dog crates or done this in their own home? My older shepherd will get the bottom crate and youthful Weimaraner will get upper crate which he can easily jump into.

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But the youthful dog will age and will s/he still be able to get into a stacked crate? The dog shower sounds fabulous, excellent for cleaning dirty kids' feet, muddy boots, etc.

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Once my Weim ages and he can't jump so well anymore he will be moved into lower crate as our shepherd will be long gone. We'll likely always have two dogs far enough apart in age that the elder gets the bottom bunk while spunky youngster gets top bunk. I can't wait to build that doggy shower too - and use it for hosing off boots, etc. As much as I can't wait to build our dream kitchen, I'm secretly coveting the laundry room and mudroom as the superstar rooms of the house.

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I'd worry about the dogs being exposed to all the detergent fumes in the laundry room. They can smell much better than humans can. Just make sure they are not kenneled while doing laundry.

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We used to stack the crates at the poodle kennel, and never had any problem!! I think we even had some toys in the third story, but that was a LONG time ago!

My dogs are crated in the laundry room with no problems.

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Debbi Branka

My dogs were crated in the laundry room and I stacked their crates. Granted, they are 3 chihuahuas, but it worked great for them. We have since moved their crates to the coat closet (with the bifold doors OPEN) because the dog & cat boxes are now in the laundry room.

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I agree with others about them not being in there when doing laundry. I also think there is potential for harm for the dogs with stacking the crates, I wouldn't do it. There are scenarios where they could get hurt, especially if something happens and you are not home.

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Thanks for all the responses. To clarify the decision was to move the dog crates FROM the laundry room TO the adjoining mudroom so there is no worries about laundry detergent fumes, etc. The stacked crates would be enclosed in custom built cabinets so that only the crate door is exposed at front, so again there would be no worries of crates toppling over, etc.

If anyone has (or can find) any pictures of stacked dog crates similar to what I"ve described above I'd love to see them.

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