Excess Condensation

auggie1020July 18, 2012

Hi all: Purchased BRYANT Evolution EXTREME Series comfort system Evolution variable speed condenser/ heat pump 280ANV048/ 280ANV036

Evolution variable speed modulating 97% afue gas furnace 987MA426017/987MA60100V21

High efficiency evaporator coil


BRYANT EVOLUTION 7 day digital programmable thermostats Evolution electronic zoning for upper level

PURON Environmentally safe refrigerant.

Just installed and the unit in the basement is literally dripping water from the part of the supply duct connected to the unit and through the air handler. This does not seem right and I think it is going to lead to big problems. The installer says he wants to open up the air handler and add insulation. This does NOT sound like a good solution to me. Anyone have any ideas as to why this would be happening and what the fix is?


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What is the humidity level in the basement? I suspect it is high and you are seeing condensation on the cold duct work.

You may need to install a dehumdifier in the basement. I would try this before adding insulation.

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I had a similar problem two years ago with a new basement Carrier installation. The instant fix was to insulate - it took about an hour and was 100% effective - and done at no charge.

I had added a return in my basement concurrent with the install and in a week or so the humidity level in my basement had dropped nearly 10%.

The addition of a basement dehumidifier will have a measureable impact on your monthly electric bill.

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That is sure odd, I would try insulating too. You could also use a dehumidifier. We use one and it sucks so much condensation and water out of the air. Our basement used to be a bit stinky, not anymore. Let us know how you make out if you insulate the area.

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