An Air Freshener got sucked into my air return!

sadieelvisJuly 22, 2010

Is this an issue? We have a central ac/heating unit and the air grille/filter is located in the living room. I was replacing the air filter and add an air freshening thing you can get at home depot and the ac kicked on (thought i'd turned it to off) and it sucked up the paper/gel sheet.

Is this dangerous?

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Not to big of a deal - it might get all the way in the blower wheel and you will have to remove it. The worst thing is it could get stuck in the duct and you hear it flapping but is not going to affect the equipment.

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Did u ever get it out? Just found out mine is now stuck and I have no clue on how or what to do or where it is at!

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something that big should never be able to get past the filter.

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