AC cooling upstairs but not downstairs

misskia614July 25, 2012

So here is my dilemma, and I know its usually the other way around. We have a two story house, 1 unit but 2 thermostats. The upstairs is cooling nicely, but there is no cold air blowing downstairs, at all. I also noticed that there is a drain on the 2nd story that has been pouring out water. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong, and where to look/how to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have a condensate drain on the second story, it would appear that you actually have two units, one of which is in the attic. That would explain why you have cool upstairs only. Or, you only have an upstairs unit that is zoned to handle both upstairs and downstairs, and the zoning has failed.

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How would you not know if you had 2 units? Wouldn't you have to set them both to get them both to work. This one has me stumped if you only have 1 unit. Its odd that the upstairs is working but not the downstairs.

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Maybe I am confued then. Outside we have one "unit", upstairs in the hall closet there is something. I was always under the impression that when you had 2 units they were located outside.

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It appears that you have one system located upstairs, zoned with two thermostats to control upstairs and downstairs. Apparently someting to do with the downstairs zone has failed. Time to call a professional.

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