Miele Electric Dryers - Does a reg. washer load fit?

lalitharMarch 12, 2012


A local appliance store sales guy told me just now that the main problem with Miele Electric dryers is that a typical load from the washer does not dry well in 1 shot. He said it is the same in both the bigger and the smaller machines?

I was specifically looking for the electric dryer instead of the gas dryer based on the feedback from this forum but this would be a big concern. Is this the case?


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I have no idea why your sales guy would say that. We bought our Miele electric dryer eleven months ago and it does a pretty good job. My only complaint is towels, but if I don't remove them as soon as the cycle finishes, the dryer will tumble them every few minutes, and after a while they are dry. The dryer also has a set 45-minute cycle one can use.

The negative: stuff sometimes isn't always 100% dry, like waistbands on my husband's slacks, towels, some knit cuffs on tops.

The positive: WAAAY quieter than my old conventional Whirlpool dryer, *and* because it errs on the conservative side of drying, I never have "baked" laundry because I've set a timer for too long.

I have no regrets about making the purchase.

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If you fill your washer 3/4 full, which is how it should be filled, there is no issue. However, if you pack your washer tight with clothes, they will come out of the dryer wrinkled.

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Also, you can set the dryer to More Dry/Less Residual Moisture and Extended Cool Down. With this, not only is EVERY item 100% dry, but my clothes are left insanely soft, fluffy and wrinkle free. And yes, I highly recommend Miele electric dryers, over Miele gas. It's only N. America that is offered gas. Miele shines with Electric!

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What Mieles don't do well with is a load of stuff washed in a regular t/l machine. These clothes have a lot more water in them than clothes coming out of a typical Miele cycle. That would make it difficult for the dryer to do its job correctly. (The reverse, an HE f/l and a conventional dryer, works the equation backwards as the f/l clothes have less moisture so a much faster dry-cycle happens as more water is extracted in the washer due to higher rpm spins.)


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Ah! makes sense. Is there a visual marker on what is a appropriately sized load in the Miele washer? How do you know when the load is not too much?

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