Glass backsplash

kwilson50January 31, 2013

I'm just joining this message board as I'm in the process of redoing my kitchen. Currently in the destruction phase. I'm planning on painting my older but solid wood cabinets, and redoing the counters in slate and a section of butcher block. The backsplash is the only thing I don't have a firm plan for. A friend saw a picture of clear glass over wallpaper for a backsplash. Has anyone heard of this? I have the old tile backsplash off leaving a mix of tile backing, adhesive and drywall around the kitchen- only one big dig in the drywall that will need a repair.

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Yes, there have been several threads here about using tempered glass, and a couple of people have done it.

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Should have mentioned that it's most often done in very modern kitchens and backpainted, not so often with wallpaper.

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Thanks. It seems like an interesting idea, but might be a bit tricky. And my house is a center chimney cape, so not sure how well it would really go.

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