Asbestos INSIDE ductwork??

lisadluJuly 17, 2014

Sorry if this post is a duplicate but I couldn't see where my original posted.

I am getting quotes for a new ac system (condenser, furnace, ductwork). One of the companies said my ductwork was insulated on the INSIDE with asbestos. They said ductwork looks like metal but is actually cardboard and lined inside with asbestos, but they didn't touch it to see if it was actually metal or cardboard. House built in 1973 in So California.

My best quote so far is $7900 for A NEW 5 TON RHEEM MID EFFICIENT 14SEER AIR CONDITIONING CONDENSER WITH A 80% FURNACE. Includes new R-8 flexible ductwork and bar type registers. Will use the new Carrier coil that was replaced last week by home warranty.

My questions are: (1) is asbestos insulation INSIDE ductwork possible? I can't find anything concrete about this online. and (2) is Rheem a good ac system? Thank you!

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Is that quote including proper removal of the asbestos ductwork?

I know nothing about Rheem, but I can tell you that I got a 3 ton Lennox 16 SEER (more efficient) unit for $4k.

Unrelated to the AC, I just had a stretch of asbestos ductwork removed for $2,400... all told it was maybe 5-6 feet long. (the asbestos was on the outside)

All this is to say, if that price includes proper removal of the asbestos (where they contain the air etc.), that sounds like a pretty reasonable quote (not that you were asking!).

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No, that didn't include asbestos ductwork removal. The guy who thought it was asbestos said that would be about 1500 to 2000 additional. I've asked the other two AC companies if the ductwork had asbestos lining and they looked at me puzzled and said no. When I tried to look for such an animal online it seems like a rare to non-existent thing. Not sure if this one guy is trying to scare me or not, their quote for all the other equipment was very high too.

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My questions are: (1) is asbestos insulation INSIDE ductwork possible? Anything is possible but what you describe is very unlikly. Remove a piece of suspected material and have it tested is only way to know.
(2) is Rheem a good ac system? Yes

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I'm guessing it's fiberglass lined duct work. Every furnace sold has a warning label on it saying that the state of California has determined that fiberglass causes cancer. Proposition 65, I believe.

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It is unlikely that it is asbestos lined. As noted, anything is possible. I would suggest that you get an asbestos test done on the duct. This is the type of thing that will kind of sit on your shoulder and bother you until you find out for sure.

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