Choosing a top loading washer

strayerdarbMarch 17, 2014

Hello, I don't like my front loading washing machine. I miss being able to soak things if needed, I don't like leaning over to get the clothes out, and I don't like the fact that I have to leave the door open. I'm fine with the dryer. So as long as my new washer is white I will be fine with them not matching perfectly.

So I want a top loader. A friend said even the top loaders now might not allow me to fill it up to soak things. Is that true?

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Highly recommend Speed Queen. It has a soak cycle and if the water level isn't high enough for you, hit reset. That's what I've been told.

We got the AWN432 model, mid range, and love it.

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Speed Queen AWN542. About $850 new/installed.

Many new and old posts on this site about SQ...use the search function. 100% old-tech. No ATC, no HE anything. Pretty much like the Maytag TL's of 30 years ago. Well built and strong warranty. White. If you don't need colors and electronic stuff, I encourage your exploration.

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It's good to see the positive posts about Speed Queen laundry products. In the last ten years or so, it seems that most other manufacturers are determined to make people think they need more bells and whistles (at increasingly higher prices) to accomplish the fundamental task of cleaning and drying loads of laundry. Speed Queen products aren't sexy but, they are well built, reliable and accomplish the primary function of washing and drying laundry extremely well. Their warranty is the best in the business. The old Zenith TV slogan "the quality goes in before the name goes on" could well be applied to Speed Queen.

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Also purchased the speed queen awn 432 1 year ago this month and have been completely satisfied.
Nothing fancy and has all the cycles most would ever need.
Well built and made in the USA! Both the washer and dryer were worth every penny. WAY TO GO SPEED QUEEN !

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Thank you!! I am going to look at the Speed Queen.

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The local appliance shop is delivering my new Speed Queen washer on Friday. I already feel a wave of calmness knowing I can just have a regular washing machine again. The new "fancy" ones are just no good, IMHO.


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strayer, congrats on your purchase. I'm sure you'll be happy with your decision.

You are correct in saying the new fancy ones are just no good. Our cabrio was only 3 1/2 years old when it died. It would cost over $600 for the replacement part and another $300 or so for the labor. I was never so disgusted in my life when I learned that. Repairman even said if I had the extended warranty we'd have still been out of pocket for part of that $600. Not to mention all the whistles and bells, that I didn't need. No way will I eve go back to them again.

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Had an Maytag Bravos X that lasted all but 2 years. The electronics were malfunctioning and causing the machine to drain the wash water out. When it worked it was pretty good I will say.

What I didn't like was that you couldn't rinse out a detergent cap and the fact that the hot water setting gave you a luke warm wash.

All in all though I much prefer the Speed Queen set and am thankful to the Lord for being blessed with them.

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Got my Speed Queen and already the whole family is enjoying CLEAN clothes and the laundry room smells nice and fresh. It is so fast, even though it can use more water than the HE machines, I think it's probably better because it doesn't run for almost 2 hours (and a lot of times I had to rewash the clothes to get them clean, or give up and hand wash them!). That is not efficient.


Next question -- I have a big box of HE detergent. Can I keep using that or do I need to go get "normal" detergent?


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HE will work fine...just no suds. No reason not to use it. May have to experiment with dosages but be wary because the lack of suds may fool you into using too much. As with other detergents, among the HE brands there are different concentrations.

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Strayer, yay! on your Speed Queen! You could not get a better washer. I believe you will love, love it the more you use it. Yes you can keep right on using your HE detergent, just maybe a little more than you did before. I have learned on here, that if you feel the wash water and it feels slippery then you have enough.
Congratulations and enjoy loads of clean laundry in a great machine!

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Thanks for your post, my next washer is going to be a top loading too. We just replaced a 25yr old top loading washer that worked great with a front loading washer and dryer. Mine still works fine after almost 2 years, but I don't think it cleans well at all. And you can't really soak anything any more either.

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