Improving your window air conditioner efficiency

RobbZeeJuly 17, 2012

People are always talking about making sure their central air units are running properly, how many people really pay attention to their window units? I learned some great tips over the last few years. You can improve the efficiency of your window unit (without hiring a HVAC guy). You want to be sure that the window has a tight seal around the unit. If there are gaps, the unit will have to work harder to keep the room cooler. Any other tips out there? Do you check your window units each year before using them?

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Clean and straight evaporator and condenser coils will have the greatest affect on operation efficiency

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Clean the filter. Turn a fan on it to increase the air circulation in the room.

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Turning a fan on is a great way to increase the cool air into the room. I'm sure most of us do this but it's not something that I thought of when I was typing this. Any other great tips everyone?

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