Washing Machine - Detergent Drawer Leaks

cincy_gardenMarch 31, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Five months before, I purchased a new front load washing machine - LG model wm2010c. This machine is designed for HE (high efficiency) detergent.

Due to lack of my knowledge I was using the regular laundry detergent powder until last week since I bought. (I was using non-HE detergent by mistake and not to save money).

Usage of this regular detergent powder came out as a problem now. Last week, during the wash cycle few gallons of water came out of the detergent drawer. It was too late by the time I realized and it made lot of mess in my laundry room.

I went thru this LG Knowledge Base (http://lgknowledgebase.com/kb/index.php?View=entry&EntryID=6283)

And it suggests removing the tray and pieces and cleaning them thoroughly. I did follow their advice and tried this time with HE detergent liquid. This time I was alert and could stop the machine as soon as I could see the first signs of water leaks. So, it means the problem build-up during the last 5 months is not fixed by cleaning the tray.

Now, past is past, let me know how to fix this problem. More precisely, let me know how to fix the new HE washer that was used with non-HE detergent for 5 months.

When I googled I see lot of people asking question before using them not like me asking after the fact :(

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.



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During those months of using regular detergent what level of sudsing did you notice in the machine during washing?

If it was just a little surface layer, you're going to be fine. If it was much more than that, there may be other issues.

That drawer is pretty much gravity fill by-pass design. I suspect an obstruction beyond the drawer in the channel leading into the machine. Can you get a bottle-brush or something in there to probe for an obstruction?

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Hi Ganesh,

have to ask some questions to have further clues :)

When did the drawer start leaking ?

1) immediately, while filling. the leak is clear water.
Asolo's advice 99% is the right fix

2) it took a while. Also behind the door there were plenty of suds. The leak is sudsy water

Another question : how much detergent do you use ? as much as you were used with a toploader ? far less ?

[OT : ASOLO is a tiny Venice on the hills ... behind Venice.Did you know ?]

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Thank you. I am aware.

Actually chose my web-name from a pair of hiking boots I purchased decades ago -- I'm sure named after the town.

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@ Thanks Asolo!

With regular detergent washing, I just noticed a little suds.

As you mentioned, I notice that now water is not flowing into the channel beyond the drawer. I am going try your idea to clean that area.

@ Thanks Hidroman!

1. When I tried for today, the water leaks immediately after I press the START button.

2. The leak is soapy water because the leak is happening VERY immediately.

3. I was using the detergent as same as the quantity used for top-loader.

Please let me know if more details required for diagnose.

Sorry about my delayed response.


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Don't "give a try" to Asolo's advice ... just do it before using the washer again

If "now water is not flowing into the channel beyond the drawer" no doubt it overflows from the drawer .... it has to go somewhere, no matter "where" :)

Pull the drawer out, rinse it under a faucet with very warm water and clean the drawer place AND the hose that is routed to the tub with a bottle brush

Also use far less detergent : frontloaders use 1/4 to 1/5 of toploaders while washing

Good luck :)

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"3. I was using the detergent as same as the quantity used for top-loader."

Something's wrong with this story. If you actually did that -- assuming like a cup or cup and a half of non-HE detergent -- you would have had an over-sudsing disaster. However, you said "I just noticed a little suds."

Please clarify.

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@ Asolo

Sorry, both of my statements are true to the best of my knowledge although you see the effects contradicting.

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Well, they certainly are contradicting.....aren't they.

I'm done with this.

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> Posted by gar_newbie (My Page)

*********** on Thu, Apr 1 ****************

april fool maybe ? :)

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