Sealing basement air vents - will I damage my hvac?

SeaKozJuly 2, 2012

Hi Folks,

This is sort of a long setup:

I had the asbestos removed from my basement and now my air vents don't screw in anymore. The basement is going to be remodeled in 4 months, in the meantime, I've covered my air vents with plastic and duct tape. I've completely sealed off one vent and have significantly covered the other two (I've taped off the sides but not the top and bottom. The result has been great, my basement is now only a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house (as opposed to 10 degrees cooler).

My question:

Am I going to damage my HVAC system by sealing the basement vents like this? My assumption is that I'm just going to get more air on the main floor.

Relevant info (maybe?):

I have a Trane heat pump that was installed last year, the blower is the kind that always runs on very low and then goes higher when the house wants to cool down. The house is a 1956.



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do you have dampers at the supply plenum
for these ducts?
it is much better to stop air flow there
than at the register.
sealing the supplies may increase the static
pressure of the duct system.

why not check for dampers and call the
installer for his/her opinion?

best of luck.

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I don't have accessible dampers, the ducting that supplies my basement also supplies my main floor and the ducting is all behind drywall. The ducting was installed 60 years ago.



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