Blomberg or Bosch Compact washer & dryer ?

johnnytoobadMarch 13, 2013

Looking at compact washer & dryer units, probably stackable. Max width and depth +/-24". Considering either the Blomberg or Bosch and looking for comments and/or reviews. Have seen quite a few reviews re: Bosch on this site, but not much for Blomberg ... ???

Bosch package is perhaps a couple hundred more $, so price is "comparable".

I'd like to get the Miele units, but that package is just about twice as much cost as the Bosch. This W/D will be in a guest house with very limited use/year. However, the guest house is rented some, and long dry times of +/- 2 hours may be an issue for guests.

I do not want to consider the All-In-One or Combo models.

Thanks in advance, cheers, John

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We've had the Bosch units for over a year with no issues whatsoever. Our average dry time, with a very long vent, is usually one hour and ten minutes.

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Sounds good ... that works ... thanks ! Cheers, John

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Was very happy with my Bosch pair. It's easy to use and does an excellent job. I had the condenser dryer and really liked it a lot. Normal drying times, I would say.

I have the Miele set now, which are pluperfect, but for what you're describing Bosch will be fine. I've seen the Blomberg around but can't comment.

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