Half Load and Sanitize options in Bosch 800 series dishwashers

snowflake4March 14, 2008

I am reading the documentation for Bosch 800 series dishwashers. Among other features that I am interested in, there are "Sanitize", "Half Load" and "Cutlery Tray". None of the 2 models offered in the 800 series have both "Half Load" and "Sanitize" options, so I am trying to find out if I can do both using a different way. Here are my questions about them:

1) At what temperature and for how long are the dishes sanitized using the "Sanitize" program?

2) Can you still sanitize the dishes even though you donÂt have this program, by setting the temperature manually?

3) If you have the "Sanitize" program, can you use it in combination with any Wash Cycle? Are there any limitations?

4) Does the "Half Load" option have specific characteristics in terms of the quantity of water used, time and temperature that make it worth it? If you donÂt have this option, can you accomplish the same results with another cycle (like Quick Wash)?

5) Is there a separate cutlery tray in addition to the silverware basket? Where is it located?

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snowflake, I have the SHE58 series dishwasher. Let me try to answer your questions, though you might have better luck if you post this to the Appliances forum.
1. The rinse temp is raised to 160 F, for a period of time long enough to heat the water and maintain that temp for sanitisation, according to NSF standards.
2. On Bosch dishwashers, there is no "Sanitise" cycle. It is incorporated into the rinse cycle of the more normal to heavy programmes. My model has 5 cycles, of those 5, the "Auto", "Normal" and "Auto Super" wash cycles provide an automatic sanitising phase. While, the "Delicate/Econo" and "Quick" wash cycles do not. Also, there is no manual temp selection. The dishwasher "senses" the soil level and chooses a temp from the range within the cycle parameters.
3. I think I covered this one above.
4. "Half Load" is active in the 3 heavier cycles. It reduces at least two of the three variables you speak of, it omits at least one prerinse (on the "Auto and Regular" cycles it goes straight into the main wash), and time. I'm not sure of temp though, but I think that is maintained within the range specified in the programme.
5. Mine came with a cutlery tray that holds small knives and can also hold larger utensils that don't fit in the cutlery tray. I use it infrequently. It fits on the left side of the upper rack and works much like the fold down shelves, so you have to be careful with arrangement of things or they won't get enough spray.
Hope this answers most of your questions, Todd

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You might want to post this in the appliance forum.

~McHudd :)

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First, thanks for replying.
I am looking for a Bosch dishwasher, as well as a washer and dryer. With the washer in mind, I confused myself about the forum where I was supposed to ask my questions about the dishwasher. Sorry about that!

aamassther, you say "On Bosch dishwashers, there is no "Sanitise" cycle". I have a catalogue from Bosch appliances, and models SHX98 and SHE98 are listed as having the "Sanitizing" option. It is good to hear, though, that this option is incorporated in those models that do not have it listed separately.(I was actually wondering why there was a "Sanitized Indicator light" in these models if there was no "Sanitizing" option").
From what you say, I understand that model SHE58 has limitations in both using "Sanitizing" and "Half Load" options. If I want a "Quick" wash (like when you have guests), I actually canÂt either "Sanitize" or do "Half Load" :(
As far as the cutlery tray, I was just curious if it was anything like the one from Miele dishwashers. I saw one, and it look very interesting to have a full-width tray for the cutlery and silverware.
Thanks again for posting, even though I was in the wrong place.

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I have the Bosch washer and dryer, too. Excellent machines. I have previous models, the Premium 6400 washer and 6500 gas dryer.
Yes, you're correct, there are some limitations with "sani" and "half load", but honestly I don't use " Quick wash" much- it's very short and doesn't heat the incoming water at all. I would have preferred to have a "rinse and hold" cycle instead. I also, don't think the "Sanitise" in the shorter or more delicate cycles is a disadvantage, sometimes I want a cycle that doesn't heat the water to 160F, it can be harsh on some dishes, but I like having it there when I need it.
I would love to have the MIele silverware tray as well, but alas, it was too expensive for my budget.
I'm glad I could help, Todd

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Oops, forgot to mention that Bosch's website provides instruction manuals for the current models.

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Thanks for the updates, Todd. I got the same suggestion regarding the owner's manual, from the Appliances forum. I should've thought about it before :)

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