Repair tip for control boards

dadoesMarch 27, 2011

The controller board on my parents' Whirlpool wall oven went bad a couple weeks ago. Replacement part is NLA (no longer available) due to trouble with the supplier from which Whirlpool sourced the board. Unfortunately this is not an uncommon occurrence. The oven is only 5 years old (no longer under warranty of course), but the model in question has been in production for a long time, introduced in 1995.

The solution is to have the board repaired. Two electronics repair services are available that handle appliance boards (there may be more).

CoreCentric Solutions

CoreCentric Solutions was recommended by Whirlpool. However, I used FixYourBoard due to a better warranty on the work. Turnaround time was just one day, although I suppose that depends on how much work they have in the queue. Total time including transit there and back via UPS Ground was Tue > Fri. (UPS Ground can effectively be overnight within the state in some instances).

Perhaps this info will be helpful to others in the same situation.

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Thanks for posting. It's so much better for the environment when people repair appliances instead of replacing them! Unfortunately, it's not always cost-effective.

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Would you recommend repairing damaged control boards even when new ones are still available? Is repairing them less expensive than new boards? As reliable?

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Cost comparison depends on the individual board, of course. A couple online sources still list a price for the discontinued board I dealt with, ranging from $177 to $198. The repair service I used offers a 2-year warranty on their work, charged a flat-rate of $130 (including return shipping) + sales tax. They claim to stress-test the board to confirm all the components are good, not just what was replaced/repaired.

Here's another servicer in Canada I just now ran across. They also service the U.S.

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