Please help! Returning my Cabrio, but I'm scared !

blingedupMarch 9, 2011

I used this site extensively for my kitchen remodel, but when I needed a new washing machine, I asked the repair guy what he thought I should get, ran up to Lowe's and purchased it. He suggested a top-load Whirlpool Cabrio.

It was a lemon. It sounded like INCREDIBLY LOUD machine gun fire during the spin cycle. I called Lowe's and let them listen over the phone. They delivered a new one the next day. That was yesterday......

I hate this machine. I washed a load of clothes with no problem. But the second load was towels. I did not cram them in, I did not overfill. It made a terrible metal-clanking, squeaking, pounding sound through the whole thing. You can hear it throughout my house. It's really, really loud. It then stopped running and I had to move them around and re-start it.

Then I tried a blanket from my bed that I've washed many, many times. It shut down and gave an LE error message, which means plumbing problem. I am washing a small load of underwear right now, and it's doing fine. There is no plumbing problem.

And all of my clothes are a wrinkled mess coming out of the dryer.

So.....I don't think I can live with this machine. I think Lowe's will take it back -- they know me there as a regular customer.

But I've been reading here and I can't find anything that I feel confident in getting instead. I know they won't be so friendly if I want a THIRD machine picked up.

I had started with a top loader because my neighbor so hates her front loader. Mostly, I've learned that I want my 20-year-old Whirlpool top-load agitator back!!!!

Is there anything out there that MOST people are happy with? Anything?????? (And it will have to be something Lowe's carries.)

Thank you!

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I am not sure why your neighbour hates her FL machine but I have used a front load washer for more than 10 years. Never a problem.

You do have to rethink how you wash clothes with them but most of them clean and rinse much better than traditional top loaders. There is a very little bit of water used for washing and some people can't get past that (mentally). Even my new Miele uses less than my previous Frigidaire and it's an adjustment.

I'm not a fan of these HE top load machines. Not sure why exactly. FL technology has been around forever in Europe and I just think it's more time tested.

I had a Frigidaire pair for 10 years and when the bearings started to go on the washer I bought the Miele W4842 and gas dryer (I've had them a short while). Not in everyone's budget - but just excellent machines - thoroughly enjoying them.

I did narrow my search down to Miele and LG. There are some nice LG machines at Lowe's. I spent months reading and researching and if I hadn't purchased the Miele I would have purchased the LG (FWIW).

This model was not yet available in Canada but it would have been top of my list.

My parents have brand new entry level FL LGs they purchased from Lowe's (after all my mom's years with a top loader). She tells me she is very pleased with her new machines.

Good luck! I know how hard these decisions can be.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG WM3360

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I've had my Maytag 4000 front loader for a week and a half now and I'm in love. I didn't really like my previous front loader (a Frigidaire Gallery that was probably 8-9 years old when we moved in) but I can't believe I ever thought I would need a top loader to get good wash results! The capacity is amazing, the clothes are cleaner than I ever thought possible (freshness and bright colors are restored to my stale synthetics), and after my preschooler's shirt with dried-on blue paint and my toddler's shirt with dried-on chocolate ice cream came out without a hint of a stain (no pretreating) I am beyond satisfied with my purchase!

I don't even think it's the specific model that is the source of my good outcome (although I confess that there's a Youtube video out there demonstrating the Power Wash cycle of my machine and claiming the Best Cleaning in the Industry and I'm somewhat convinced!) but just that modern American front-loaders are SO MUCH better than the first generations of American front-loaders. The manufacturers have really worked out the kinks. I don't think you need to hesitate about front loaders just because they're front loaders, any more. (I do think the on-board heater is more important than I'd originally suspected, and I'm glad to have it.)

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YOur post makes me very glad that I cancelled the delivery for a set of Cabrios. I researched forever and had mixed feelings about them. The salesman at Lowes kept telling me how great they were, but I still was hesitant.

Finally, I just cancelled them and bought a basic top load Maytag and a basic Maytag dryer. No they don't have the super fast spin cyle and yes the washer uses more water than the FL - BUT, I'm happy with my choice.

I do alot of rinse only and spin for a very short time only (as I hand wash alot of my clothes). The newer washers lock so you can't do what I am use to doing.

Yes, my towels and sheets still come out alittle twisted and tangled - but, I don't care - I'm happy !!

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My WP Duet FL just died today. Darn it. It was an ok machine, came with our new home, but the wife did not like it. I'm not too keen on the new HE T/L but only GE makes a T/L (3.7) size with agitator. I'm not too keen on GE. The best washer we had was the T/L Whirlpool we left at our old home. It was only 3 years old but they don't make that model anymore. Off to Sears tomorrow and see if they have the tradition older T/L machine.

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