my portable air conditioner, dirt like browish stuff, help!

Help3July 21, 2012

Hello, I have a portable air conditioner which I have not use for almost 2 years, recently I have plug it back in and use it. Everything works well.

Except one problem..

In the back of my portable air conditioner, it have a little square box container like build in where we can put back the Power Cord plug.The function of that box is just to storage the power cord, since the power cord is kind of long.

Now the box is empty since I plug in the power cord.

But since last couple of days, I notice inside that box keep falling out "some dirt like browish soft stuff", it is soft, so I think it just dirt.

But then it seem like it falling out from somewhere inside my portable air conditioner.

What can this be? Acid? My AC is working fine, what can i tbe then?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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is very strange, since the box is just use to storage the long length power cord.
Now inside the box keep falling out sticky browish dirt stuff, obviously it is falling out somewhere inside my AC
what can this be? anyone experience this before?

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It is possible for it to be brownish rust from somewhere inside my AC falling out?

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Check the filter pad at the front of the unit-sounds to me like the foam filter pad is deteriorating due to age.

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Thank you Dane
I have a Delonghi portable air conditioner. I drain the water manually, the water drain valve is way at the bottom.
The little case box that made to put the long power cord is toward the top, right below the filter.
I think I saw where that brownish stuff come from. Today when I remove the filter, I saw the brownish stuff stuck on it. So when I take out the filter, I look inside, and the brown stuff was on the Metal bar/pipe/tube inside, I don't know what it is, but it seem like it is a metal pipe thing, so can it be rust?

I don't know how to remove the air conditioner so I can get my hand inside to wipe those stuff,

Sorry my English is not good, some stuff I cannot describe very well. But..
I have found a manual picture of my AC, I post it here, the brownish stuff are falling out of the Power cable compartment (as I circle in the picture)

Pic link:

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Again I think you need to replace the foam filter and clean the evaporator coils with an appropriate cleaner. The simple foam filter may deteriorated with age or partially melted and chunks have come off and gotten on the coil. Or it may just be that the filter has outlived its life and is letting contaminent from the air get in.

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If you have not used it in 2 years I would say that the filter needs to be replaced. You could have had something (dust/dirt, animals) living inside of the unit. I would start with the filter.

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Thank you busboy for your helpful replies

and RobbZee, animals living inside my AC?
The 2 years I did not use, the AC stay in my bedroom.
Unless my bedroom have animals, I don't know how can animals get in there

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HA HAA! By "animals" he is using english slang to refer to live things such as insects, mites or bacteria! Your confusion is understandable.

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Hi busboy, you are right. I do think it is foam
The soft brownish stuff was on the metal bar inside the AC, today when I remove the filter, I have use cotton swap stick it inside try to scrap it. Seem like it is some type of foam they glue it on the metal bar.
The foam is falling off, I think due to the cold air blow in and out, scary how rusty brownish color it can get.
Is there any way to scrap this foam off? I don't know how to remove the air intake grid build in the back, it only let me remove the air filter.
picture of my AC:

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Hi busboy, sorry to bother you. But how to tell a difference between if it was foam or mold inside my air conditioner?
There was definately brownish stuff on the metal bar, I guess it is foam they glue it on the metal, perhaps to prevent the gap between the metal and the air filter.
But can it be mold on that metal instead of foam?

Sorry I'm not good with technology stuff, thank you for help me with my air conditioner problem

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The filter element is made of a foam material. I THINK that the material on your cooling fins is where the filter deteriorated/melted probably due to the heat from where the unit has been stored. I dont think it is mold but if you clean the metal fins that will remove all the problems. You need to clean the fins and get a new filter.

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Hello, sorry I'm back again

I just buy a new filter yesterday and use it today, I don't think it the filter. Because after the new filter, the brownish soft stuff still in there.
I look inside my units, and the brownish stuff is on the metal (left side) of the evaporator coil.
I don't think it mold since it seem like it a well cut length piece of something they glue on the metal.

Foam? Mold? but I don't think mold would grow so well cut shape on the metal.

Around the coil, I also see white foam place inside the units. Those white foam are fine. But something on the metal looks like foam too, but it turns to brownish color and smushy, sticky stuff.

Thank you

This been bothering me, I really wonder what can it be.
I'm a college student with no job, I don't have the money to call in a professional air conditioner guy to fix this, so I rather deal with it on my own.

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you could try unplugging it and cleaning the
brownish stuff off.
if the coil is dirty there are coil cleaners
that you could use to clean them. spray it
on let it sit and it will clean the coils and
disappate. so you don't have to clean it off.
read the small print on the cleaner containers
and chose the one that best suits your needs.

it really does sound like your filter is
causing the problems.

can you post a photograph of your unit
so that we can see the brownish stuff?
what it looks like, where it is and what
the existing filter looks like.

best of luck.

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I don't think it is the filter, yesterday I buy a new filter to replace, and have put the new filter back in.
I saw where the brownish stuff is, it is not on the filter. It is next to some sort of metal (to the left side) of the evaporator coil.
Can it be some sort of metal related to the water drainage or cold air ? The only reason I can think of this look alike foam stuff turn to be rusty color brownish is related to water.

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