Dryer Vent Configuration Help Needed

TEL51March 21, 2013

Could use some suggestions. Trying to install a rigid or semi-rigid dryer venting connection between dryer and vent outlet in wall. See diagram below.

My problem is I don't have much room to maneuver things and the semi-rigid venting either comes loose from the wall or from the dryer. To solve this problem I have tried using a long piece of venting hose. However this is taking up too much space and making lint accumulation more likely. I like the concept of the telescoping vent systems, but the ones I've found are constructed to accommodate a vent outlet on the back wall, not on a side wall (or maybe there is one out there that will work and I haven't found it yet).

Could use some advice.


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Many dryers can be converted to side (left or right) venting. There's a knock-out plate on the side and it also requires a kit to change the machine's internal duct that feeds out of the blower. Check the installation paperwork for your machine to check if it can be changed ... if that would perhaps help your situation.

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Check these vents out and see if they might work for you:

You can order from them or I have seen them on Ebay.

This hose looks like the foil kind but doesnt clog or crush like foil. Watch the video.

I am not in any way associated with either one of these. Just saw them before and thought one or the other might work for you.

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I have got your exact problem and I have bought the metal telescopick vent. Will install as soon as weather allows. I will have to make a new hole behind the dryer high enough that I can attach the vent to the outside vent box without having to move the dryer or washer. I will sheet metal screw and metal tape the vent to the dryer so it won't come loose and then fill in the hole on the left side and then my washer and dryer will line up together.

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Thanks to all who responded. Gives me some options that I'm going to explore. Didn't know some dryers allow rear or side venting. Present dryer doesn't have that option, but will be one of my checklist items when I'm in the market for a replacement.

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Tel51-Robitacorp's vent is a square type pipe similar to the telescoping style vent so you can push the dryer back farther.

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