Where can I find an old school (not HE)washing machine?

Bridget HelmMarch 22, 2013

I HATE my whirlpool Cabrio. The minute our towels get damp, they stink!! I've tried bleach, vinegar, baking soda etc. I also don't like the way I can't open it mid cycle to add something without waiting forever for it to unlock. It's infuriating!!! Our clothes have been beaten to death against its cheese grater walls and are all faded. My sons uniform pants never come out clean. im not talking about stains. he wears dark navy pants and if theres a little dried mud on them, they come out of the drier with the same dried mud!!!! It TAKES WATER TO WASH, and these stupid HE things hardly use water!!!! Hellllooooo!!! lastly, It shuts down mid cycle when trying to wash duvet covers etc.

I wish I had kept by cheap agitator washer from 1999. I got rid of it because it was too small for our now family of 6, but I'd take it back in a heartbeat if I could find one.

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Speed Queen Washer. There are quite a few threads discussing this brand.

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Bridget Helm

Speed queen!!?? Now that sounds old school! Lol

I'll check it out. Thanks!

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Yes, Speed Queen. Fills with lots of water at whatever hot temp your faucet provides. Any cycles take around 35 minutes. With a little DIY you can even up the max water level a bit and increase your warm wash temp, too.

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Bridget Helm

So is speed queen the only brand that still makes washing machines that aren't "HE"? I put in quotes because I'm having to cut my loads into fourths in order for them to actually be IN the water or I have to wash a normal sized load twice-- nothing efficient about that!!

Also, this machine was purchased new 15 months ago for750 dollars. What do I do with it when I get a new one? Can I sell it somewhere for 250 dollars?

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Pretty much so. Even Speed Queen makes HE-ish washers for commercial settings but the domestic models are as non-HE as it gets these days. Yes, the max fill level on the Speed Queens is no longer all the way to the top and the warm fill will be 40% hot and 60% cold but you can work around this easily.

Clean the Cabrio up as good as you can, get out your camera (always take clear, sharp and well-lit pictures when trying to sell something) and put it on craigslist or something similar.


Here is a link that might be useful: Water level adjust

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You guys are missing the boat. I have a Samsung 520 that does a FAN-freaking-TASTIC job at getting EVERYTHING extreemely clean, including large shop towels that have black gunk and silicone residue on them. You DO NOT NEED lots of water to get good cleaning. What you need is the proper detergents and the PROPER LIFT ACTION, which ONLY occurs when you don't have too much water in a FL. I SLIGHTLY adjusted the water level higher in my Sammy, after a few months. IT was trial and error but very quick and easy to do. Too much water prevents the clothes from lifting/tumbling as they wash. You "old school" people simply aren't aware of HOW an HE washer operates or you have had bad experiences with a lousy unit. My old Maytag (the old ones, before Maytag began to suck) TL never got things clean, no matter how hot the water was, how much detergent. It used TONS of water but simply didn't get things clean.

TO get your wash clean you need:

1. proper temp and detergent
2. proper agitation
3. appropriate time for soil to be removed.
4 effective rinse to remove detergents

None of the above requires huge amounts of water.

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I agree with Dave 1812. In addition, sorting is important, and so is following the manufacturer's cycle recommendations. Except for the Normal cycle. Normal cycle is what the Energy Star label is based on. It uses the lowest water levels, and the lowest target water temperatures. That probably explains the stinky towels. You need HOT water to clean towels down the the fibers. I do not recommend using Normal, unless the loads are small and lightly soiled. Whirlpool trainee had a good point of giving your washer a good cleaning. If your towels smell because of soil buildup, then that same buildup is in your washer. If you use bleach, at least one HOT load of laundry per week, and leave the lid open to dry out between loads, you should not need to clean out your machine, ever.

The lid lock is a done deal, unfortunately. Nothing can be done with that. Most washers lock now days, due to the very high spin speeds and deep tubs. I know it is frustrating, but maybe some of us here can help you achieve better results with your current machine. If you have made up your mind to hate it, then maybe consider replacing it.

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I agree with the "must have enough water in a load" crowd. So I mostly use the "bulky" cycle in my 2010 Maytag Bravos machine. That cycle uses more water and cascades water over the load. My laundry is clean all the time, no problems at all. I also have an onboard heater, which really is necessary with newer machines.

That being said, when my son wanted a washer and dryer recently and didn't have a lot of money to spend, I advised him to buy Speed Queens at a used appliance store. He and his wife are very happy with their machines, and they do several loads of cloth diapers a week in addition to regular laundry.

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I now have a speed queen washer, it replaced my LG waveforce washer which started to go downhill fast after two years of owning it. I did own a Kenmore HE3t for 10 yrs and loved it. Front loaders clean better than than tL HE machines, but I will say that my speed queen cleans just as well as a FL but yes uses much more water in the process.

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Another good thing with Speed Queen, they never go out of balance and walk/bang around.

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It is really hard to get one to go off balance. I could just look at my LG and it would give me a UL code

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I just bought a new Speed Queen set today. :) I'm finally getting rid of my 11 yr old, moldy Neptune set. Well, the dryer still works fine, so will give it away to someone but the washer is going on the curb. I researched on here and a couple other sites and just didn't have any trust in any of the new HE's.

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