LG, Bosch or another suggestion?

thecloseMarch 10, 2011

Hello all,

I have been lurking on garden web for several years and now finally have a reason to join and post! We are moving in a couple of weeks to a new home with washer/dryer hook-ups. Yay!! We are a family of three: my husband, myself and our 10 month old son. Our budget is $2000 for both pieces, so as much as I would LOVE to get the Miele, that isn't an option right now. I have been doing lots of research here and elsewhere on the web and think I have narrowed it down to the LG 2350 or the Bosch Vision 3300. We are doing a gas dryer.

As for features, I just want to make sure there is a delicate cycle on both

pieces for my sons' clothing.

Any thoughts, advice, where to get a good price? I live in San Francisco.

Thanks in advance!


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Dear Maggie

What's important to you in an laundry appliance
- Fabric care: gentleness and cleaning ability
- Product longevity/durability
- Product performance
- Quality

Whatever you decide, your purchase will commit you to that appliance for a long time, and hopefully you will like or love your appliance while you're "married" to it. On average, appliances will last about 7 - 10 years, with Miele's lasting much longer.

Bosch is discontinuing their 27" laundry machines so I would be hesitant to go in that direction. Generally, LG's get pretty decent reviews.

Since you stated that you can't do a Miele now, would this be a consideration in the future. If so, you may want to get an inexpensive set so you can allot for your future Mieles.

I will say that with kids, having a machine with an onboard heater is an absolute must to get their clothes as clean and stain free as possible. So definitely opt for that.

I save lots of $$ by using Miele's handwash cycle so depending on your laundry/drycleaning habits you may be able to get the Miele's if your savings on your drycleaning bills make up for the budget difference.

LGs can be pretty much found anywhere so I would check your local appliance dealers. I know Lowes carries them.

Miele's are generally price fixed so they would be the same anywhere you go. I also know there is a base model that doesn't have all the bells and whistles that could save you a few bucks, so they may not be as expensive as you think especially if you calculate the long term cost savings.

Whatever you decide, good luck, and congrats on your new home.

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Thanks, Cyberspacer! I appreciate your comments. While I definitely want a Miele one day, I just can't justify over $3k right now with all the other items we are purchasing. So, that will have to wait until we get a future home!

I agree on the internal heater. I was looking at the specs of the LG2350 and I can't tell whether it has one. I will try and do more research to find out. I think the Bosch has one but I understand what you are saying re: discontinuing.

Once again, I appreciate your input!


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Maggie - I just became the owner of a new Bosch Vision 500 set. I found out about the discontinuing of their 27" line right after. However, I love my new set and would not hesitate to recommend them. you might even be able to get a better price on them because they are discontinuing them.

My prior set was a Danby and right after I bought those, they quit making them. They are still sitting in my garage. The heater was going in the washer and I needed something larger, but I loved that set and they were going on 8 years old.

I also own a Bosch Dishwasher and have had it approx 7 years. Best DW I've ever owned.

I too would like to give Miele's a whirl someday, but my current laundry room needs something that stacks so, while the price was still a bit out of range I could not have fit them even if I could have afforded them.

Good luck in your decision.

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Thanks, bigdogmom! I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I am still going to investigate the Bosch, because even though they are discontinuing the 27", I can't imagine they won't be serviceable if need be (although crazier things have happened!).

Another option my husband and I were discussing was to get a Miele washer and a cheaper dryer. Thoughts on this? I only consider it because the units will be in the garage (so they won't be on display) and
the research on this forum seems to say that dryers are all basically the same.

I would love some input on this.



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Maggie, I think that would be a great idea.

My suggestion is that you get a dryer that has a good moisture sensor so you don't overdry your clothes. That would "undo" the fabric care benefits of the Miele washer. In the past I have used Whirlpool and Kenmore dryers that were part of a top load set and they were pretty decent. That was quite some time ago, so you may want to do a little research, but I'm sure you could pick one up for a good price in order to get the Miele washer.

Happy shopping.

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Thanks Cyberspacer! So, I took the plunge! There is a Miele dealer two blocks from me so I went over there and ordered the 4842. Very excited. As for a dryer, other than Miele they only sell GE. I was able to get a closeout model high efficiency GE dryer with sensor dry for $495 so I took it. It was nice to only go to one place and to support a family owned business to boot!

Thank you both for your advice!


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Maggie, I purchased a new Miele pair (W4842/T9822) in February and am SO happy with them.

I had 10 year old Frigidaire front loaders before that.

I see a HUGE difference in how they worked and how the new Mieles work.

I have two small boys and use the normal setting (warm) for most of their things and everything seems perfect. Normal will not use the heater but I have paused it and felt inside and it is definitely warm in there.

Things are so clean and this machine rinses so much better than my previous.

I have used the extra white setting which definitely uses the heater and things get so clean and white. I�m worried about shrinkage so only use this for sheets/towels and once for white socks.

I will say that any dryer will dry your clothes but the Miele dryer is different. It uses a tremendous amount of air and things dry quicker with less heat. Maybe down the road you could upgrade :)

Please post when you get them and how you like them.

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Thanks so much! I definitely want the Miele dryer eventually. I am sure it is wonderful. I appreciate the tips on washing. I need to figure all those things out. Can't way to use it! I will be sure and post back.


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I wish I would have spent more time reading the forums here before I purchased my LG set 3 weeks ago. It has been awhile since I had carefully read the forums here and so I was not as knowledgeble as I would have liked to have been. The dryer is great; dries quickly and I am really pleased with its performance. I am very dissatisfied with the washer, mainly from a standpoint of the way it and what I gather is the way most FL machines work now. I can not get warm or hot water to save my life. I recycle, I support solar power, I want to preserve the environment, but I want to wash my underwear and towels in very warm water. It seems the only way for that to occur in my washer is to select hot water and heavy soil thus insuring it will take an hour and a half to complete the cycle. I did two loads today-one permanent press setting, the other Cotton/Normal and I could not get warm water. I could not get warm water on the Normal cycle even tho I selected Hot and Heavy soil. My previous FL, the much reviled Frigmore did not have the capacity or the options, but at least I could get warm or Hot washes as desired.

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I am very disappointed with my Bosch front load washing machine (the gas Dryer is great). Although the clothes come out looking clean, they smell dirty. Loads with socks and gym clothes have to be washed twice to smell clean.

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Thanks for the comments. I haven't used them yet but my w/d was installed on Friday at our new place. Need to do a test load soon. We don't move in until Friday but I might try one tomorrow.

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