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puzzlefanMarch 28, 2011

I thought I had picked out a nice basic Kenmore Washer but then I read the reviews. It seems Kenmore has an automatic lock at startup. No changing your mind to add something etc. If you have purchased a basic 3.4- 3.5 cu washer within the past year, and it DOESN'T have this automatic feature, I'd like to know which brand and any issues with it.

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The vast majority of machines that LOCK during operation have a button to PAUSE the cycle and UNLOCK the door. Pressing Pause again resumes the cycle.

Some will not pause/unlock for safety reasons if they have an internal water heater and the temp has reached potentially-scalding levels, but I doubt a "basic" Kenmore would have that restriction. Some may also drain and cancel the cycle if left paused for too long, also as a safety factor.

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I've seen numerous positive comments about Speed Queen washers. They are very basic. I am going to look into them as we should have our house finished in the next few months and I am going back to a basic top loader. My Whirlpool Duets are going into the barn.


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We are very happy with our Speed Queen, but I believe it is only 3.3 cu.

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We are leaning toward a Speed Queen also as it is the only one made in the USA and has a three year warranty

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... as it is the only one made in the USA ...That is not correct.

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