Stacking a washer & dryer

dreamhousedesignMarch 31, 2014

We are moving in to a new house which is set up for the washer and dryer to be side by side. We were thinking about stacking them to allow for more space beside. Has anyone had any issues with stacking regular front loaders?

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I stacked mine. I would have had them side by side if I had room. I just think (for no particular reason) that stacking them is more dynamic so more movement potential. I have a small Miele set so they are heavy and stable. I have no experience with the larger sets. Mine are stacked using a stacking kit.

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Issues? Every one of my front loaders has been in a stacked configuration. I can't say I've ever had a problem because of it. Whatever you do, make sure you still will be able to access the water shutoffs in case of emergency.

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Sean_m makes an excellent point. I had the plumber and electrician put all the workings beside my stacked set and then I asked that the carpenter configure the cabinet surround to cover the workings and have full access with the removal of a panel.

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Enduring: VERY nice setup on that. Good machines too.

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Thanks Sean_m :) I am very happy with the washer. The dryer is a little weak with my "too long" vent run, I miss calculated. I get a fault light related to the vent from time to time. It depends on the fluffiness of the load it seems (?) A few months ago a poster showed me his inline auxiliary fan that he put in with his Miele dryer and it corrected the issue. I have got to do this too. My adjusted run with all the calculated bends is 33'. So the booster fan will be helpful.

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