Help - Promised a Recipe I Cannot Find

amck2May 3, 2013

My sister was asked to bring dessert to a Cinco de Mayo party and asked me for suggestions. I swear I remember seeing posted here a recipe for Margarita cookies. Were they Margarita Balls?

In any case, my search attempts haven't produced the recipe. Did I dream this up? I'd appreciate any help.

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Doing a search just on "Margarita" yielded this recipe in "Cookalong- Holiday Cookies":

Margarita Balls Servings: 24

1 (12 ounce) package vanilla wafers
1/2 pound ground almonds
1/4 pound white chocolate
1/2 cup tequila
3 Tbsp Rose's Lime Juice
1/4 cup orange marmalade
2 tablespoons light corn syrup

1. Mix 1 box (12 oz) vanilla wafers, crushed into crumbs, with 1/2 lb ground blanched almonds.
2. Melt four 1 oz squares white chocolate according to package directions.
3. In blender, process tequila, orange marmalade, lime juice and light corn syrup until smooth. Stir, along with melted chocolate, into crumb mixture.
4. Shape into 1 inch balls and coat with sugar. Store in refrigerator.

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Thank you!

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Flan is also a good dessert for Cinco De Mayo - I'm going to try The Perfect Flan from Bon Appétit. But I might make these Margarita Balls to go with it! :-)

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jeri, coincidentally, the other person assigned to dessert was doing a flan. My sister was looking for something that might complement it. I think the Margarita Balls will be perfect.

A tip I remembered after posting my request for help (which might be useful to others) is to use Google search typing "Gardenweb Cooking Forum" and then the recipe I'm looking for, instead of using the CF search engine. I tend to get better, faster results that way.

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I hope you like them - that is a recipe I developed several years ago and they are a big hit around here.


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These sound good and I'll make them for the next cinco de mayo!


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I had never made these, but had seen so many glowing reviews here that I felt confident passing on the recipe.

My sister dropped a few off for DH & me to sample. The consensus was that they were good - if you really love the flavor of tequila, which was very pronounced.

Just wanted to give a heads-up to anyone considering this recipe. Obviously, taste is subjective, but I'd recommend using considerably less tequila to start (you can always add more) unless you want a very boozy tasting cookie.

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I don't bake much but amck I think you just talked me into trying them. I love margaritas and expect them strong. Sounds like these fit the bill for something called margarita balls! Sadly there was no cinco de mayo here. No time to cook.

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My friend's mother served these at her college graduation in 1975.

The Mom wrote the recipe down for me.......back in the day when people wrote recipes on cute little index cards decorated with flowers, etc. In this case my recipe card has dancing carrots and green peppers. I got out the recipe card to compare. The recipe is exactly the same except it only has 1/4 cup of tequila.

I can see where 1/2 a cup would be overboard. And you probably would not want to serve them to kids.

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I still consider this a "keeper" recipe. I just wanted to alert those who might not expect/want such a strong tequila punch.

Thank you to Alexa for introducing it here, and to teresa mn for noting that good results can be had by reducing the tequila by half.

My schedule doesn't permit me to check in as often as I used to but, for me, a big appeal of this forum comes from sharing results and offering tweaks to recipes that are posted.

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Alex, relax. My neighbor has been making them since I was a kid. We would have to sneak them at the holiday party as they were verboten to us young ones. She put them on the sideboard with the Southern Comfort punch. We sipped that too when no one was looking.

I have her recipe and it is dead on to yours, but I let Lorraine make them. I am just not a baker.

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Oh Peppi............

I am not suggesting there aren't similar recipes, but I have yet to see one that uses Rose's Lime, and the increased tequila which is what makes this recipe a stand out(and much better IMO)... many use cream cheese, fresh lime, granulated sugar, etc and other variations on a theme. I am just saying this particular iteration is one that my GF and I came up with, and the one that I posted on the Cookalong. I see no reason why I shouldn't claim *my* version.


edited for typos....

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Oh, sorry Alex. I read the original post by you as your original recipe and not your version.

BTW, Lorraine's (my friend) also calls for Roses Lime.

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Thank you Peppi - and I am so sorry we had this misunderstanding :-) I am truly impressed though, that you have never made them but know all the ingredients and amounts of your friends recipe.....


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What is Roses lime juice? Could I use fresh lime juice instead?

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Bumble - you can certainly use fresh lime juice. Rose's Lime Juice is a heavily concentrated, syrupy lime juice. It was developed initially for sailors so they did not get scurvy. It is very limey.

In addition to preventing scurvy - many people enjoy it in Gimlets -either vodka or gin!


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Alexa - so many people liked it at my friend's graduation 38 years ago. And for that matter so many people just love sweets in general. As I said, I've brought it to parties and it has been well received.

I don't see anything amazing or unusual about hanging onto something that appeals to so many people. Come to think of it - I think I am the only person I know that does not like them. :-)

I've only tried gin once in my life and I did not care for it. That would not keep me from having a bottle on hand if I hosted a party with a full bar.

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