Ruud 14AJM

pray4allJuly 1, 2011

i know this is low end ruud, but is it reliable? any comments?

what about Haier HC30d2vae seems no one use it before?


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The Rudd 14AJM is low end but depending on the configuration of air handler or furnace/evap coil can provide good performance/eff numbers. I would want to know the warranty.

I would not consider the other brand.


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Air handler is Ruud RHLLHM3617AA, compressor would be 2- 2.5 ton. is it reliable handler?

This is a new AC install with duct work (baseboard heating)

10y warranty (registration required)

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Excellent numbers-13 EER and 16 SEER.

The air handler model is a high efficient model but not var speed. If better dehumidification is important to you, then you might consider the variable speed model.

Do you mind sharing your location? You might consider the heat pump model for savings in cold weather. If not the heat pump, you could add a heat strip for ducted heat over baseboard heat which would at least add comfort to your home.

Is this your primary home or a vacation home?


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Location is CT, so really not much hot days in the summer, around 3 weeks. AC seems to be a waste of money but you really need it when it's hot. (gonna go for 14seer unit)

Always puzzled about heat pump, does it use the same air handler? i'd think it gonna use electricity which is not cheaper than oil heating. What's the benefit for heat pump and its cost.


BTW, it's primary home.

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On the surface, you would be a perfect candidate for a heat pump. I am not saying get rid of your oil heat. Use the heat pump down to about 30 degrees, lower use your oil heat.

Yes, it would use the best matching air handler like the RHLL high eff model.

You will need to do a close analysis of your electric and oil costs. I am attaching a link to a fuel comparison calculator.

Check it out. A heat pump system paired with oil heat (boiler?) might be just the ticket.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fuel Comparison Calculator

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Had the installer installed 14AJM, The compressor is a little strange to me. when system off (thermostat), the fan on compressor will be off immediately, but the unit will keep making some humming noise for while, and the cabinet gets warm on the top corner. Unit will go quite after a while. Even more strange, couple hours later, when outside temp is 65, the unit started make humming noise again on its own (fan still off, and the system has been off for couple hours already) , corner get warm again (was cold before the noise began) and then after a while, goes quite.

this is so strange, never had other system doing such thing, does anyone have any idea? something the installer messed up?


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The outdoor unit shouldn't be running if the inside furnace blower is off. You might want to call your installer.

So did you get the heatpump model or just the A/C version?

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thks, called installer and was told some rally/switch was bad.

Didn't go with heatpump model as need to have ac uprunning first, not sure if i could add heatpump later after further research

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Well, you could add a heatpump at any time, but it will cost you alot of money since you need to replace your outdoor A/C unit with a heat-pump. You would also need to get a new thermostat with with more wiring to the outdoor unit and the furnace.

If you already replaced your A/C you missed your chance. The cost of upgrading your outdoor A/C to the same heatpump model wouldn't have been very much.

How much do you spend in oil per year to hear your house?

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