FL w/heater recommendation for 2nd floor installation

izeveMarch 7, 2013

I will be moving to a new condo in a few weeks and will need to purchase a new washer and dryer. The laundry set up is a 2nd floor laundry closet.
I am looking for a front loading washer that has an internal heater that engages in more than just the sanitize cycle. Other important features for me are an option to increase the water level (so a water plus or max fill option) and a true Wool cycle. I don't need steam or other fancy features, and I don't care about cycle length or huge capacity. Because the machines will be on the 2nd floor near bedrooms, they need to be quiet.
I used to have a basic LG model with a heater (WM2301) in a house I sold last year and I really liked that machine, but it has been discontinued.

I have been researching various brands and models and it seems that only LG and Frigidaire will offer the features I want without much additional fluff. Samsung doesn't seem to offer the Water Plus option that I liked very much in my LG, so I think it's out. I like the features of Frigidaire FAFS4174 but Consumer Reports says it is comparatively loud and vibration control is not great.
LG WM2650 seems like a decent equivalent of my prior LG model but it seems that they got rid of the Hot cycle that engages the water heater (used to be Baby Wear on my prior washer) and also the Stain Treat option is gone (which gave profile wash equivalent). I'm wondering if LG really messed with internal controls or if the features are still there but simply not addressed by their pathetic manuals. With my prior LG, after a couple of months of experimenting I was able to get it to do pretty much what I wanted by selecting the right combo of cycles and options (but it did require lots of observation, temp measuring, etc.)

Any thoughts and specific recommendations for me?

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I would avoid LG, they are just not getting better with customer service they are getting worse.

I think you'll be much more happy with Frigidaire or Electrolux.

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I would go with the electrolux wave touch, it has multiple cycle heater use and add water feature, though it is only on the top of the line model

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Thanks Georgect, I had a very good experience with my prior LG set. So based on that, I will keep them in the running. I think they are well made and a good value for the price.

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Of your two concerns:
1. Hot cycle that engages the water heater
2. Stain Treat

The LG WM2650 does support both these features.

1. You can set the water temperature if the default for the selected cycle is not adequate.

2. This is now labeled the STEAM option and can be selected for any cycle.

You should check out the manual.

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