TIP: increasing water level in Samsung 520

dave1812March 24, 2012

Since there is no option in the controls for adding water, I found a SIMPLE method to add water to a wash:

1. Start a cycle and wait until all water has been added to the WASH cycle.

2. Hit the PAUSE button and open the door after the lock disengages.

3. Close the door, and in a few seconds you will hear/see more water being added.

4. Repeat 2 and 3 several times (I've found 4-5 works well) to give you the level of water you desire.

The whole process takes just a couple of minutes to add a quart or more of additional water. I've found that sometimes, a small load has plenty of excess water (especially the Stain Away cycle), and other times a small load has not a drop of extra water in it. Large loads generally don't have much (if any) excess water, if the load contains lots of towels).


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Dave it seems like this would be a lot of "wear and tear" on your washer. Wouldn't it would be easier to just let it fill and then add a quart of water?

Are you having problems with the machine not cleaning properly with the water level it is selecting? Just questioning since I've not had a cleaning issue with just letting the machine determine the water level.

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1. there is no source of water near my washer.'

2. as seldom as i feel the need to add water, "wear and tear" is hardly a concern. Even if I did it every day, it's not a concern to open the door an extra few times. LOL!

3. the time it takes to do what I described is much faster than u may think. u don't even have to wait for the door lock to engage after hitting the "pause/run" button. Simply hit the button, open the door, close it, hit the button again, and wait a few seconds for it to fill, and BEFORE the door locks, open it again...

For anyone with close access to water, OF COURSE that would be simpler.

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There is a You/tube video that shows how to increase water level in samsung machines.

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sparky, I'm fully aware of those videos and I do not agree with the average person performing such modifications.

First of all, it voids the warranty.

Secondly, the increase in water level is permanent (unless one choose to disassemble the washer again, to make another modification to the pressure sensor). I doubt many sensible Samsung owners are willing to engage in such unnecessary folly.

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