Think we need a new dryer, any favorites?

ofionnachtaMarch 21, 2013

After 29 years with the Westinghouse dryer that was in the house when we bought it, which was probably about 10-15 years old then (avocado green), it seems to finally be giving up the ghost.

The heating element seems to be having trouble; we have not opened it up yet to check. My husband fixed the same thing last month.

The reason it has lasted 40-45 years is we only use it to dry towels and underwear. We hang everything else on the line. I think the elderly lady we bought the house from was doing the same thing---at least when we saw the house, she had some dresses hanging on the shower bar to dry!

So, does anyone have any recommendations regarding their experiences with dryers, what to stay away from, what they like & do not like about their dryer or dryers they have installed or repaired?

And, would the folks who want to have a debate on the merits/flaws of top loading vs front loading washers PLEASE take that discussion to another thread? Thank you!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

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Buy a lightly used 5 or 10 year old Maytag Neptune. The way you use it it may last 30 more years and parts are still readily avaliable. There are a lot of fancy foriegn models out there and US models made elsewhere that you might be pleased with now, but may not last 5 years and parts often impossible to get. IMHO

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The guys from seem to favor the Whirlpool/Maytag 29 inch dryers with the lint screen on top as the most reliable and best dryers available.

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Agreed, if you are a DIY the Whirlpool with the lint filter in the top is the absolute best. You can take them apart in a few minutes easily and fix ANYTHING that goes wrong with these machines

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