Cost of running speed queen vs HE washer?

pegandkenMarch 2, 2014

Hello, a question for those who have replaced or switched from a HE washer to a Speed Queen washer. I know that the Speed Queen washers are not energy efficient but can anyone tell me how much of a difference there really was in their water, electric bill for a year when comparing the two? Was it a real wakeup call or not that big of a change? Thanks for your time.

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Well, in comparing a Speed Queen TL machine to an HE FL machine of the same brand, it doesn't appear that energy use is all that big of a deal.


Here is a link that might be useful: Energy Star

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I think DOE requires them to put a bright yellow sticker on the front of the unit that says what the annual average cost to run the unit is, just like refrigerators.

Call a retailer, they should be able to tell you what is on the sticker.

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Good idea.

Here is the label from the SQ website.

The sticker on the front of my SQ FL machine says $20 (for comparison)

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen

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I have couple-months-old SQ 542 TL. It came with a sticker exactly like the one mrb627 posted.

I also suspect (but don't know) the the gov't figures have to do with washing "full loads". However, "full load" with the SQ as-delivered is actually only 70% full (because of gov't-mandated fill-limit adjustment) so I suspect a normal person running actually-full tub (like I do) would use/spend more than this sticker indicates.

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Thanks for all your reply's. I quess I was kind of thinking more in the line of someone who had previous owned a HE Samsung, LG or Kenmore washer and then replaced it with the SQ washer. Did you notice a significant change in your utility bill after the switch in washers? Thanks again.

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We recently switched from a WP Duet FL to a Speed Queen toploader. While I know the SQ uses more water (a good thing in my book) I think the biggest difference, in our case, is the longer drying times since the SQ doesn't spin as fast. Drying towels takes a good bit longer than it used to.

That said, we are thrilled with our SQ.

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I made the jump from a Speed Queen top load to a Speed Queen front load 8 years ago.

My demographics:
-I have four kids
-did NOT change factory default water level on TLW
-water is cheap where I live (Great Lakes region)
-waste water is cheap to dispose of ($180 yearly flat fee regardless of usage)
-natural gas is very low cost here and I have a gas water heater
-I wash 95% - 98% of my loads warm wash and cold rinse

I could not notice a change in utilities before vs after. It's probably $3 to $5 a month at most.


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Thanks shaggnasty and laundryvet as that was the kind of info. I was really looking for. Maybe it's not that big of a difference in energy costs after all?? Many thanks!

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