Opinions on cladding beam please

wi-sailorgirlJanuary 12, 2013

I'm considering cladding this beam that is currently drywalled in our kitchen. I'd have it done in painted wood similar to that shown in this photo (but ours looks like it will be deeper):

Traditional Kitchen design by San Francisco Architect Taylor Lombardo Architects

This divides the eating area from the working area of the kitchen and it is load-bearing so it has to stay. Here's the view on one side (Photobucket is spazzing out today so I'll post the view from the other direction in a comment. Also please ignore the crap all over everything; it's cleaning day). There is a mini wall on the table side of the kitchen so I'd run the cladding all the way to the main wall, making it look like the mini wall runs right up to the beam (and yeah, that wall has to stay too).

I don't think it matters, but if you're thinking about continuity, we're replacing the upper cabinets with new ones that extend to the ceiling.

Yay or nay?

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Here's the view from the other direction.

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My DH put shelves on our beam and we store some nice handmade pottery there.

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Donaleen, that's a really interesting solution that I hadn't thought of. Of course, I don't have anything I can think of that I like enough to display up there, but I like the idea of sort of trimmed-out drywall.

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If you need better photos or details, let me know.

Our beam looked a lot like yours before hand.

You could also trim it out like a wide doorway. We did that in another area.

Here is a link that might be useful: trimming doorway

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Fori is not pleased

You'll need Donnaleen's shelf to put the stuff you currently have on your stubby wall cabinets. :P

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Sorry I don't have a photo available but I have seen some beams like yours enhanced with a pretty white column. In your case, it would probably be placed maybe 2ft out from your partial wall. The other photo you posted didn't come through so I don't know if the other side of the room has a similar partial wall so you could get symmetry. I guess I'm also trying to suggest a way to use your challenge as a decorating opportunity. By the way, I wish I only had as much clutter as you!

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Sophie Wheeler

I don't think that making your header into a "beam" would work. It's not a beam without that wall. Cladding the opening with some molding could.

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Simply case it like all the other doors in your house, top and sides--head, jamb, side casing etc. Why call attention to the fact that it's a beam?

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