Is this used Miele laundry pair a good deal

lalitharMarch 9, 2012

MIELE Washer W1986WH and Dryer T1576WJ - $1,300 for the pair. I do have 220 for both washer and dryer in my house. The owner is German and is moving back. She seems to have taken good care of it and has all the parts and the transportation struts etc. I do have to arrange for the transportation which will cost me 200 bucks or so as this is 100 miles from my place.


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I bought a Miele 1986 in fair condition (mechanically fine, but needing a thorough cleaning) last spring for $200. (Western Mass Craig's List). I have since seen others on that and nearby Cls for $150-300 for just the washer, no knowledge of exact conditin but none advertised as "needing work". I don't know where you are, but perhaps that's a good place to look for others.

You can move the machines on a trailer, in a van, or very small UHAUL. All it takes is a couple of strong people on each end and an appliance dolly and straps.

I would pass on these because of the price, which seems high. But then I am not afraid of breaking down a machine and cleaning it, if necessary, so I don't need a pristine machine, only one that hasn't been abused.

The smaller 220v Miele machines are the nuts (I have more than one) and worth watching for. They aren't rare in CL because many people can't wrap their heads around the apparently small size and incorrectly believe they are small capacity. Oh well, their loss is my, or your, gain.

Good luck in your search.

If you do get these machines, be sure to come away with the water supply hoses and crook-ended drain hose which are OEM Miele parts, not generic ones, and quite expensive to replace. Try to get the uncommon Miele-plug fitting 220V socket, if you can. It's not expensive to buy just sometimes takes hunting to find one. It will take an electrically savvy person to remove it from the seller's wiring. Ordinary 2220v sockets won't work with Miele plugs, though in general, of course, the circuit breaker and wiring to the box will.

If you don't get these, keep looking because the machines are hidden gems.


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The price is a bit high but good deals are relative. The new set would run $3,300. These could be moved in the back of a minivan with no problem. Look on eBay and Craigslist for pricing guidelines.

I agree that the capacity is deceptive and they do hold more than most think!

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