Tide Total Care/Cheer For Darks

PatMarch 19, 2013

Have you ever compared Tide Total Care with Cheer For Darks liquids? If so, do you like one better than the other? Why? S'Stava? Anyone? Both have OBs but aim for the darks market. Help. After washing our darks in Cheer powder fo 200 years, just realized that it contains oxygen bleach. Slap me now.

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I have never used Cheer for Darks but I do use Tide Total Care HE and have not noticed colors fading any. I also use Clorox 2 and havenot noticed any fading with that either. Hope this helps.

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The idea of the percarbonate in the formula is to counteract the chlorine in municipal water supplies. So it actually helps prevent fading.
I use cheer powder, sometimes and haven't noticed any fading. My fav is still Persil Color but it's expensive. Many of the natural formulas don't have OBAs. I've had good results with Seventh Generation liquid. Their powder has percarbonate bleach in it.

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Cheer for Darks is not available in an 'he' formula, so I have never tried it.
Why doesn't Cheer make it in 'he' formula??? But I digress...

Instead, I use Woolite Extra Dark care also labeled for 'he.' It has no enzymes, so I can use it on our wool and wool blend garments. It also has no OBAs that I know of. It makes no suds, either. Very slight (not cloying or annoying) floral fragrance that does not make me itch. Spots are pre-treated with a drop of Persil Colors Gel and gently massaged in.

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I usually use Vaska for our darks but feel I sometimes need enzymes to clean my husband's work darks, that's why I asked. Since i have a top-loader water hog, I guess that Cheer For Darks would be okay. Would love to stay away from Tide if I can. Thank you.

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Powdered Cheer is a good detergent for darks, despite the addition of a small amount of oxygen bleach. As aamassther stated, it is to neutralize chlorine in city water. It is not enough to do any fading at all. I have been using powdered Cheer for my darks and colors for years, and never have issues with color loss, even in hot water. Cheer powder does not contain OBA's, which i attribute to the fading of darks. The liquid Cheer versions DO have OBA's. OBA's are the enemy for darks, not the oxygen bleach. In my opinion, you are treating your dark clothes just fine with powdered cheer.

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I've used cheer non HE for darks for the last year and it does not suds at all in my Bosch front loader. I do have moderately hard water-
5-8 grains.
I am switching to the 2X's concentrated seventh Generation
for darks now because according to CR it does a good job
on sebum ( ring around the collar , body oil dirt/smell) .But, I haven't used it long enough to make
a judgement about it.

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I do see that liquid Cheer For Darks contains OBs, 3 enzymes, and "blue tint." I guess I would rather continue with the powder with the small amt of oxy bleach and just one enzyme. Why would Cheer add blue tint and then leave in the OBs? Strange. Miele1966, you are a gem. Thanks to everyone.

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