Method Laundry - new graphic, new fragrance, new formula

livebetterMarch 30, 2011

Looks like everyone is pulling out new stuff for spring.

I read this over at ...

new graphic

we kept hearing from our âÂÂpeople against dirtyâ that they would get to the bottom third of the bottle and the pump would stop working. we were concerned. we did test after test until we concluded that it wasnâÂÂt that the pump wasnâÂÂt working, but the angle of the dip tube was not positioned correctly to pull from the bottom most part of the bottle. the good thing about this problem is there is a quick fix. and we created this handy graphic to illustrate it.

new fragrance

we love new fragrances. so when Whole Foods asked us to create an exclusive fragrance for them, we couldnâÂÂt have been happier. enter waterlily + aloe, which (believe it or not) was inspired by a fragrance note captured from the canopy of the Amazon rainforest. whatâÂÂs more fresh than that?

new formula

you might have also noticed a new little yellow tag on our detergent declaring âÂÂeven whiter whites.â I sat down and talked to one of our chemists about what that really means and he explained that we added an enzyme to the existing formula that manicures the surface of your fabrics. this creates a softening effect and allows the detergent to work harder, even when youâÂÂre washing in cold water.

so there you go. let us know what you think of these changes. and who knows, you may see more improvements down the road.

Here is a link that might be useful: Method - new graphic, new fragrance, new formula

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I just wish they would bring back the Air Care line.

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I really like Method. Peony Blossom is my favourite, but I do not think they show it on their website any more. Whole Foods, Gelsons and still sell it, and it is not marked down or shown as close out.

The Fresh Air smells good, but I do not care for the Lavender & Cedar (I kind of hate Lavender).

I wish Method did not use Optical Brighteners. I feel they add to the quicker fading of darks and blacks.

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Larsi, it is still on their site. You have to click the little triangle beside the scent to see all scents.

I find Method a little heavy scented for me. I mix half scent with half unscented and I'm happy. I really like the Sweet pea one.

I'm intrigued by this new Waterlily & Aloe.

I was dying to try the Lavender & Cedar. I read it is more cedar than lavender and a little masculine.

At least their scents linger on your laundry. I find many of the really natural scented ones (i.e. Seventh Generation, Mrs. Meyer's) disappear when dry.

I asked them once about optical brighteners and they did not feel they were detrimental to colors.

This is what their website says about it:
Method uses a brightening agent in our laundry detergent to improve performance, particularly for white laundry. Our external materials review partner, EPEA, completed a comprehensive environmental and toxicological assessment of the ingredient ( and deemed it safe: non-toxic to people, not irritating to skin, not carcinogenic, not accumulative in the environment and biodegradable. The ingredient is made from synthetic materials, which is not preferable due to their lack of renewability, but since its safety is well established and use level is minimal (under 0.05%), we are confident using it until a renewable alternative is developed.

badgergrrl, I TOTALLY wish they would bring back the air care line. I miss it terribly. I am still finishing up a few room sprays I have and then all gone. :(

There is a guy named Nathan Aaron who runs a blog called Method Lust ( He has a petition set up for people to sign their name and bring back the air care. Add your name!

Here is a link that might be useful: Method Laundry Peony

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livebetter - already have ;) Unfortunately, my stock of pill refills is almost gone as well....

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We're the world first Designer fragranced masculine scented laundry powder. Superb results on the tough stuff at 30 and fully biodegradable on all surfactants and optical brightener free. Yes re the above you certainly shouldn't use a product with brighteners on colours or delicates.

Here is a link that might be useful: home page for Distinctive - you'll see the test with the v-Zug in News

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