FP GWL11 not fully draining

washerhelppleaseMarch 27, 2014

Hello, I have a 10 year old Fisher&Paykel GWL11 washer that has stopped fully draining. It drains fine through the wash cycle but leaves about an inch in the tub before rinse or spin and errors out with code 37 - "blocked pump". I've looked and don't see any blockage. The pump seems to work fine as the water recirculates and drains with plenty of pressure when it does it during a wash cycle. It leaves about an inch of water in the tub so errors out before it rinses or spins.

Do you think this is a problem with the pump, control board or something else?

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The pump is not monitored directly for functioning. Code 37 is inferred by the control board sensing that the water level in the tub is not dropping (or not dropping fast enough) when the machine should be draining.

If you're seeing an inch of water in the inner drum, there's more than that in the outer tub. The outer tub has to fill several inches before water is visible inside.

The diverter valve may not be fully shifting into drain position which allows some water to bypass to the recirculation port. It could be clogged with some lint/strings or maybe a small object such as a stray screw or dime.

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Thanks for the reply.

When the pump is running and draining from the wash cycle, it makes a particular sound while the water is flushing out of the waste line, when it hits a certain level (about an inch in the inner tub), the sound changes significantly and water stops coming out the waste line and nothing comes out the recirc line either. The pump continues running like this for a while with no water discharging from either line until the washer errors out and starts beeping and displays the 37 error code.

Not sure if that helps any, but thought I'd relay that info.

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That's different. Possibly something stray (anyone in the household have a sock or underwear missing?) caught in the outer tub at the pump outlet causing a water dam effect. Investigation requires pulling the inner drum, which is not difficult.

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That's what I did yesterday, removed the top deck, pulled out the inner tub, removed the screw to the oblong fitting at the bottom of the inside of the outer tub and removed those fittings. Could see the outlet hose out of the outer tub to the drain pump, I guess, and all looked clear. There was about 10 years of gunk around fittings and the tub and drive shaft so I cleaned everything (looks brand new) and put it back together. It worked once, I was able to spin dry the load of clothes that didn't get finished but when I tried a test load with no clothes got the same error again.

My wife isn't giving me much time to operate here as we have friends coming to stay with us tomorrow and she says we HAVE to have a working washer so I may have to bite the bullet and pay for someone to come fix this, although I hate doing that. I'm going to try to look under the bottom at the drain pump and maybe remove the hose that connects the pump to the diverter and see I see anything obvious there. If not, may have to call in someone who can get this up and running faster than I.

Let me know if you have any other ideas, and thanks for the help so far.

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Hi Dadoes, I have one more update.

I was able to finish a couple loads of laundry last night as it seems that if we wait about 30 minutes and then start the washer up where it stopped (during the "rinse" cycle) it then is able to finish. If we restart it at the beginning (what I kept originally trying), it stops at "rinse" again.

Sounds to me like maybe the pump is overheating, is that a possibility? I assume the fix would be replacing the pump? Would there be any other possible diagnosis of this?

Thanks for you expertise and experience!

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Bad pump is possible. I didn't consider that based on your info that the pump continues to run after the drain flow stops.

Run the pump in Diagnostic mode (ask if you don't know how to do that) to see if it stops after 3 to 5 minutes (it shouldn't).

Also remove the pump for examination. Lint/strings can wrap around the shaft under the impeller and put a drag on it. Look for evidence of leaking (mineral deposits or rusting) and worn bearings.

DO NOT continue using the machine if the pump is showing problems. A bad pump can short-out and zap the controller board, which is the most common failure on these machines because people ignore the trouble until it's too late.

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Thanks, do I need to worry about running the pump with no water in the system, would that damage the pump at all?

I assume I go into diagnostic mode and press the "regular" button, right?

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There should be some water left in the sump area unless you've done something to dry it all out. If so, you might add a gallon for the test.

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Well, I tested it and I let the pump run for about 10 minutes and it kept going. I then removed it and it looked pretty much brand new to me! there was lint collected around it that I removed, so maybe that will help, but I saw no corrosion or mineral deposits to signify any water damage. Also removed and looked into the hoses connected to the pump and diverter and all looked completely clear to me.

I don't know what's going on...

I ran another load after all that and it completed without a problem. I guess as long as it's working we'll keep using it, I'll come back if I run into any more issues.


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Running for 10 mins should mean it passes but check the pump resistance with a meter to be sure. 7 ohms is the target (when it's cool).

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Just as a follow-up, my washer has been working for the past few weeks since this thread. I did check the resistance of the pump and it checked out.

The only thing I can guess is there was enough lint/dust collected around the outside of the pump that I cleaned off that it was maybe causing the pump to overheat? Don't know if that is likely, but that is about the only thing I did (took most everything apart and cleaned it all).

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