Miele Gas Dryer...should I convert to electric

orthoresMarch 28, 2010

I have read for months about gas vs electric. My wife thinks that the gas dryers will overheat her clothes, she dries almost everything on delicate. Worried about slothes shrinkage

Just bought a beach house, the laundry room has a gas line run to it. We COULD run a 220 line to it for an electric dryer...

I am not concerned about venting (great straight out of the wall 1 foot run vent), gas smells, etc....

Just wondering if gas dryers seem to run hot?

Would you buy gas if the price of gas an electricity were the same?


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be aware that whatever european dryer - no matter if gas or electric- runs at lower temps that average american ones because they rely on more powerful blowers

Miele gas dryers have two separate control boards, one controls burner operation, the other controls target temperatures per a NTC probe, drum speed, reverse tumbling patterns, blower.

However if gas and electricity price were the same, i'd go for electric, cause it is simpler and less expensive (just a coil vs a burner and its safety devices)

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You'll pay a bit more for a gas dryer over an electric, but more than likely, it will be cheaper to operate. Most place in this country, it's less expensive on a per load basis to dry with gas than electricity.

I tend to think that some cheaper American gas dryers run hotter than their electric counterparts, but most of the higher-end models that I've seen are about the same. With a Miele, I'm guessing that temperatures would be fairly consistent between the two sources of energy. My Miele dryers are electric, but I know they run cooler than typical American brand electric dryers.

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Wa8b, given gas is cheaper to operate in most States
having hot and cold fill washers makes a lot more sense than our cold fill only residential washers we use in EU.

Someone on this side of the pond will claim that a cold start doesn't set stains. This can be true if water enters the washer @ 150-160°F. Actually having a 140°F water supply, water entering the tub cools down to 105-110, that's not enough hot to set stains

Most people don't know commercial washers here have hot, cold and sometimes even very hot fill water supplies

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